How To Tell A Terrorist From A Democrat

My friend Wild Thing has written a wonderful lesson on how to tell a Democrat from a Terrorist. This is a well thought item with plenty of factual information to assist the inattentive among us in actually figuring out the difference. You can get the lesson plan at the link below. This is a must read for anyone who needs a crash course in the subject.

How to tell democrats from terrorists

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One Response to “How To Tell A Terrorist From A Democrat”

  1. Brian Ragle says:

    So, let’s bust up this little party, shall we?

    1. Want American troops out of Iraq.
    Quite true, but very different reasons. Liberals want American troops out of Iraq because we actually care how and why our military is used. Putting American lives in harm’s way should be the last resort when all other measures have failed against an enemy intent on destroying us. Such was not the case with Iraq.

    2. Hate George W. Bush.
    This is another blanket statement which has no basis in reality. Liberals don’t hate Bush, but they certainly hate what he done to this country. I don’t believe terrorists hate Bush either for the simple fact that Bush’s fumbling attempts at foreign policy have driven more people to radical extremism than has turned away from it.

    3. Claiming American troops are killing and harassing innocent women and children in Iraq.
    The claim is true, yet which terrorists have made it? Liberals have certainly said as much and evidence to back it up. Blind defenders of American military action, however, will say that any innocents who are killed are at fault because they were simply in our way.

    4. Claim American troops are an occupying force.
    This is a disingenuous statement and logical fallacy because it is twisting the meaning of the word “occupying”. The premise is that if liberals or terrorists said it, then it must be a bad thing, right? The fact is quite different. America IS occupying Iraq right now in nearly every sense of the word.

    5. Claim the war in Iraq is all about oil.
    While oil has factored into this issue in a major way (record oil company profits, as an example), neither terrorists nor liberals would be so simplistic in the assessment of the situation.

    6. Claim that Bush lied to get Congress to go to war with Saddam.
    Another disingenuous statement. Since when have terrorists been concerned with the methods and inner workings of American politics? It’s doubtful our political processes are even that well understood by outsiders, much less what it took to authorize military action.
    However, liberals have made the solid case that Bush did, in fact, to Congress. Whether it was a lie of omission or commission, Bush willfully kept back information which denied his conclusions even as he asserted shakier evidence as factual.

    7. Claim that America is losing the war in Iraq.
    Terrorists may claim America is losing the war. Liberals with cable news and Internet access know it’s already lost.

    8. Claim that Bush rushed into war, and fail to notice the year of delay while gathering numerous UN and Congressional resolutions and authorizations.
    This is another disingenuous claim as we are once again being told that terrorists make such statements about American politics. The simple fact of the matter is that Bush had his mind to go to war with Iraq long before he actually told the American people. When he failed to get the support of the rest of the world, he acted unilaterally and successfully destabilized the country to the point it is now collapsing into civil war.