How to Handle Terror Threat Against US

The US State Department has issued a warning that American buildings in Israel are being targeted by suicide bombers. The warning indicates that US citizens should leave and to exercise caution.

The American State Department has issued a warning Saturday to citizens and residents of the US living in Israel.

The warning was released after information was received that suicide bombings were planned against American institutes, restaurants and businesses in Israel that are connected to the US, especially in Jerusalem. Ynet

The US must have an idea of who is planning the attacks and what country they come from. Our government should warn that country that if any of our assets are bombed we will retaliate against that country with round the clock carpet bombing until nothing is left standing and then, if it is an oil producing country, we will enter and take the oil for our own use.

This will only be effective if we, as a country, have the stomach for such action. It is evident that the Democrats do not have the security of our nation at heart and that they lack the strength to be tough on sponsors of terror. Regardless, we should be willing to make the country that houses these terrorists pay and pay dearly for any terrorist act against us. These countries and the terrorists from them only understand force and by bombing them back to the stone age we will signal that we are done tippy toeing around and that we will use overwhelming power to obliterate these people.

It will only take one such response to get people’s attention and make them understand that we mean business. No other country will want to suffer that fate. As for the N and any idea of disproportional use of force, screw them.

Enough is enough. We need to show these terrorists and their sponsors what military might actually means.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “How to Handle Terror Threat Against US”

  1. Sheila says:

    No guts, no glory. Go for it.

  2. Patsy says:

    Bravo, Big Dog. I salute you, sir! Truth be told, we should have already issued such a stern warning and bombed the guilty party into smithereens for its attacks against our staunchest ally in the Middle East, that being Israel. Had we done that, we wouldn’t need to do this now. But, you are absolutely right: enough is enough.

  3. Virginia says:

    Bigdog, I still say we need you as President of the US. Like Patsy said, No Guts, No Glory. Well put yourself Patsy.

  4. Schatz says:

    This type of action is just what we need to send a message to terrorists everywhere that we are not a paper tiger after all. Every one who is complaining about the loss of life we suffer overseas from this war would be wise to remember that if we had entered with such a massive air assault to begin with, our casualties would be lower and our time there would indeed be shorter. This is not about flexing our superpower muscles – this is about securing the safety of our country and our allies.

    I am all for it – BIG DOG FOR PREZ IN ’08!!

  5. Billy Joe says:

    Brilliant suggestion that if it’s an oil producing country that we should seize the oil for our own use. I’m sure our stretched military will be happy to go seize oil platforms, refineries, etc. in yet another country. I mean, seizing oil & other resources is what the military is for, right? That seems to be what you’re saying.

    How could such a policy fail? It’s definitely not ripe for abuse or fabricated charges against the enemy-of-the-day at all! and people in oil producing countries would not suspect us of simply using the policy to take their oil at all.

    Once again, another well considered idea for showing the world who’s boss. Big Dog for President – of Iraq!

  6. Billy Joe says:


    I couldn’t let this one go. You said:

    “Every one who is complaining about the loss of life we suffer overseas from this war would be wise to remember that if we had entered with such a massive air assault to begin with, our casualties would be lower and our time there would indeed be shorter.”

    Isn’t that what “Shock & Awe” was? It doesn’t seem to be working very well does it? I guess that’s the funny thing about bombing people – it tends to piss them off even more.

    Maybe we should do what the hippy-ish Special Ops guys are doing: painting mosques, drilling water wells and providing medical care. You know, winning hearts & minds?

  7. Virginia says:

    Billy Joe,
    You said,
    Big Dog for President – of Iraq!
    I take that as a insult, and until you have served your country in a time of war, which I doubt you have, your little plastic soldiers does not court as being in the real military, ask your mommy, she will tell you the same thing.
    Just wondering, have your order your white surrender flag yet, Libs are passing them out for free. They know not to knock on my door with one.

  8. Elizabeth King says:

    …Good point Billy Joe..