How Smart Is Lou Dobbs?

Lou Dobbs has a piece where he asks how smart we are here in America because of our policies in the Middle East. From the piece, I gather that Dobbs does not think it was wise to establish the Israeli state in 1948. One of the things that Dobbs bases his question on is the amount of money America spends in aid to Israel compared to places like Lebanon.

While the United States provides about $2.5 billion in military and economic aid to Israel each year, U.S. aid to Lebanon amounts to no more than $40 million. This despite the fact that the per capita GDP of Israel is among the highest in the world at $24,600, nearly four times as high as Lebanon’s GDP per capita of $6,200.

While it is true that Lebanon is a fledging democracy and we are supportive of its efforts to become a thriving nation, one needs to remember that very few countries in the Middle East have been our allies. Israel has maintained a steadfast alliance with us even through the Clinton years where he courted terrorists as if they were legitimate leaders.

I agree with Dobbs in one area and that is the area of questioning our intelligence. How smart can we be to continually provide any support to nations that turn on us and have half-hearted allegiance? We continually send taxpayer money all around the world (not just the Middle East) and what do we get for our money, nothing but heartaches from the people we help. This is particularly true in the Middle East where the Arab world will stick us in the back any time it gets the chance. Israel has not stabbed us in the back and there is no other country in the region that can make that claim.

Dobbs seems to think that America is the world’s great welfare provider and that we should be giving our money away at will. This does not wash with me at home so you know it is never going to wash with me outside our borders. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and God knows how many other countries sponsor and support terrorism that is directed against the US and its assets around the world. Some of these countries openly talk about fighting terrorism but their lack of action shows support for the animals who commit the terrible crimes in the name of Allah.

There are many wealthy countries in the Middle East. I know a lot of people live in poverty but that is not my problem. They live in poverty because their wealthy leaders take all the money and build gold palaces while people starve. If the problem is the be addressed then it should be done so from within. Here is an idea for Dobbs, how about you ask Saudi Arabia to give billions of dollars to Lebanon and the other less fortunate countries. Have Iran give away some of its wealth. These countries are oil rich and make billions of dollars off our oil use. Tell them to spend that money on their neighbors because those neighbors will ultimately side with them in any conflict.

I am aware that a few of the Arab nations have not gotten involved in the current conflict between Israel and its two neighbors. That does not mean they do not want the “Zionist” regime to be toppled. They would be very happy if Hezbollah and Hamas were able to crush Israel and they would all be marching in the streets shooting off rifles if Israel were to be defeated. That will not happen and most of the Arab world knows this because none of them are a match for Israel. They also know that if they get involved with Israel they would suffer at our hands. No one in that area welcomes the idea of US warplanes flying overhead. That is why the cowards in Iran and Syria are denying any involvement in the current conflict even though their fingerprints are all over the place. It does not take a crack team from CSI to see that they are both heavily involved. These two miscalculated and are now trying to put some distance between them and their underhanded work.

Dobbs should look at this from a realistic view instead of the view that American money is disproportionately spent. If we gave more money to terrorist sponsoring countries that would just give them more money to spend fighting against us. So, how smart is Lou Dobbs?


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