How Queer, No Straights Allowed at Gay Club

There is a hotel in Australia that has won the right to discriminate. Peel Hotel in Melbourne got an exception to the Equal Opportunity Act so that they can exclude heterosexuals and lesbians from attending their hotel and club which is popular among gay men. The hotel owner said that the presence of lesbians and heterosexuals makes his customers uncomfortable. So, because the gays feel uncomfortable, they can discriminate. This is interesting because if this were a reversed situation the gays would be swishing down the street in protest and God help any person who said that he did not care how the gays felt because that would be a hate crime and demonstrate a lack of understanding and tolerance. But wait, the tolerant gays who just want to get along have a slightly different take on diversity and tolerance:

He [Tom McFeely, club owner] said he expected a backlash from other patrons, but added: “I’m not worried about it because to be frank I don’t really care what heterosexuals or lesbians think.

“My main motivation is to protect my gay male customers and I realise [sic] heterosexuals and lesbians may be upset. but I don’t care about that. Breitbart(emphasis added)

I guess this guy is worried about people seeing gay men get a little fairy tail…

Now my personal feeling is that this guy owns the business and he can cater to whom he wishes but this is discrimination, plain and simple. I realize that this is in Australia but it won’t be long before it hits here and some gay club refuses to allow heterosexuals and/or lesbians in (though I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go to a place with a bunch of degenerate men kissing and dancing with each other). I wonder if the Australian government would grant a waiver for the following:

  • A club that wants to disallow blacks because they make the white customers unhappy.
  • A Jewish club that wants to disallow Muslims because they make the Jews uncomfortable (with their bomb vests and all)
  • A club that has straight patrons who want to refuse homosexuals because they make the straight people uncomfortable (turn about is fair play and this is obviously much more common)

This is the slippery slope we get on when we start allowing one form of discrimination. Pretty soon there will be other groups who will sue if they are not allowed to discriminate like the gay guys. I find it amazing though, that the gays would ask for this in the first place. They have been whining for years that they are discriminated against and that society does not treat them fairly. They have demanded that they be treated fairly (I agree they should but there is no indication they do not have the same access as anyone else) to the point where their lifestyle is pushed on people and portrayed as normal. They demand to change societal traditions and to have their agenda forced upon our children. After demanding the be treated the same as everyone else some of them go out and discriminate and the owner says he does not care about what lesbians or heterosexuals think.

Just keep that statement in mind when gays are saying they want to get married. I don’t care what they want. Keep it in mind when gays say they want to serve openly in the military. I don’t care what they want. Keep this in mind when they are whining about how unfairly they are treated and when they tell you they think you are a homophobe or a bigot. I do not care what you think.

I think it is queer that they gays are discriminating. Perhaps we should put a pile of fagots around them and set it on fire. Na, they are already flaming and don’t need any help.

I also want to know, since this is taking place in Australia, are these Aussies referred to as Assies?

For those who take offense to this, especially the gay folks who do not like it. To paraphrase the tube steak boogie king above, I don’t care about that because I don’t really care what gays think.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “How Queer, No Straights Allowed at Gay Club”

  1. Ogre says:

    “I’m not worried about it because to be frank I don’t really care what homosexuals think.
    “My main motivation is to protect my straight male customers and I realize homosexuals and lesbians may be upset. but I don’t care about that.”

    I wonder how many hate crimes I’ve just committed and what my prison term will be.

  2. Raven says:

    When I go to a bar or pub and see gaybot guys and lesbos, I leave. I refuse to stick around and watch that slimescume. No thanks. I prefer men and want to be with, plain and simple. But I would never demand a business not allow gays and lesbos…I just won’t give them MY business. Free country and all that. I think this is why I tend to host so many of my own parties and also go to parties at my friends places. The local bar and pub in my town don’t seem to have a problem with being run down with the gay scene. I think we patrons make them uncomfy with all OUR dirty dancing type of stuff.

  3. Sonnabend says:

    This has been slammed ion many areas, and I expect that this may be reversed. The kicker is…how will they tell?

  4. Big Dog says:

    With the women it will be easy, none will be allowed because they will either be heterosexual or lesbian. I guess if the men don’t act gay enough they will be asked to leave.

    Why would any straight man want to go to a place like this in the first place?