How Not To Impress A Judge

A man who was in court for his second DUI had his 30 day sentence revoked and will receive a longer jail term. His offense? He arrived in court for his DUI with a blood alcohol level of 0.20 (more than twice the legal limit).

The man was involved in a car accident while intoxicated and he received 30 days to six months . He was drunk at the hearing and now must petition the court to be released. Something seems wrong when a charge of contempt of court carries a more severe penalty than the second DUI. I suppose this could be a cumulative term.

In any event, alcoholism is a disease. The guy needs jail time but the fact that he had 2 DUIs and showed up to court drunk is an indicator he has a big problem. His claim to drink a half a case a beer a day “and then some” is also a hint he needs help.

I think that while he is in jail he needs to get counseling and attend some kind of alcohol abuse classes. The court has already shown it will not tolerate his drunken behavior. I mean, who does he think he is, a Kennedy?


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