How Not To Endear Yourself

Monday May 1st (a Communist holiday) is going to be a big day for ILLEGALS. They will take to the streets to protest immigration laws in this country. They have a goal of closing down major cities. This is definitely not the way to get the people who live here legally on their side. Now they will bill this as an event about immigration but make no mistake, this is about ILLEGALS. The US has immigration laws and for the people who follow them being here and working here and any other thing (legal) here is OK. It is the group of law breakers who walk across the border and rob us of our resources as if it is their God given right that laws are targeting. These people are not undocumented or misunderstood, they are ILLEGALS. They broke the law to get here and I think if they keep up this game we should arrest them all and instead of deporting them we can put them in forced labor camps making them pay their debt to society by building a wall between the countries.

I think that each state should activate its national guard and mix them with the feds. They can go to these rallies and snatch ILLEGALS off the street and put them on buses and ship them OUT! The idea that shutting down cities will give them what they want is very misguided and might have a great deal of backlash. The real citizens of this country just might not take too kindly to this thuggish behavior. They have no right to protest, the First Amendment applies to citizens, not ILLEGALS.

Here is my prediction. Monday there will be clashes, fights and arrests. A lot of people will suffer medical problems related to the protests and need medical care (that tax dollars will pay for) and the citizens of America will not like this a bit. I hope this allows the rest of us to put more pressure on politicians to pass real laws and quit playing around. It would do politicians well to remember that citizens make campaign contributions. ILLEGALS do not put any money in the coffers.

As an aside, a terrorist in this country might not be able to resist a target with hundreds of thousands of people around.

Source: Reuters

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