How Much Obama Can We Take?

As if the failed and sure to fail policies are not enough we are continually inundated with this guy. On top of his picture gracing the cover of Time for the 13th time in a year, he is set to have his third prime time news conference since he took office three months ago.

Obama will have a prime time conference on his 100th day in office. The White House is downplaying the fact that it is on that day but there is no doubt it was deliberately selected so The Won could discuss his first 100 days in office and tell us how wonderfully he is doing.

The networks do not particularly like it when he does this because they lose revenue. In this economy every dollar counts and they lose a lot of them when they have to preempt programming so he can get his mug on TV once again.

This guy and his stenographers in the MSM are saturating everything with him. We have not had a day where he has not been on the cover of something or on a front page of a newspaper.

Too much exposure will end up tiring people especially the youth who voted for him in large numbers. He preempted American Idol once and if he ends up knocking off the results show this week they might really be unhappy with him. Then again, Obama is their American Idol.

The AP reports that the general public thinks seeing him on TV once a month is just about right. I don’t know who they asked but I am sure the poll was heavily skewed or the question was designed to get a positive result. Maybe I think it is too much because we saw nothing but his mug on TV for the last two years.

I think this guy has an ego problem and just loves to see and hear himself.

One thing is for certain. I will not be watching the press conference. I don’t need the visceral response I get when I see and hear this lying usurper.

We are being carpet bombed so we lose interest and he can get away with causing more damage to this country.

Big Dog

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28 Responses to “How Much Obama Can We Take?”

  1. Blake says:

    I think that’s his strategy- inundate us with his droning voice, and that will hypnotize us into a stupor- whereupon he would be free to do as he wished.
    Seriously, I think he has spoken every day so far- and then you you have the Great Excuser, Robert Gibbs, Barry’s press Secretary.
    The guy knows that he faces an uphill battle- his approval rating now is 64%. That sounds great, but for all the libs that are cheering, remember that Bush’s ratings after the first 100 days was 56%, so a difference of 8% isn’t much, when you compare the two.
    We have to turn the volume off when we hear him, or I’m afraid I’d go all Elvis on my TV screen.

    • izzatso says:

      Hi folks, I am new to the site, but have decided that I will come out of the ” lurkness” and post. I hope that I am welcomed and post well.
      To the point: I had reached saturation months ago with the never-ending portrayal of Obama daily…or hourly…whatever. It is now hideous to me and there is no escape. He is everywhere. He is Orwellian. He is the Master of all, every thing; HE is the One! I feel buffeted and battered inside and out. Mostly, I fear the AGENDA that he represents behind the facade, the mask, the package. Makes me wonder as to what puppet-master(s) are pulling his strings! Eh?

      • Blake says:

        It is like Oz- just don’t look at what’s behind the curtain. The man is a legend in his own mind, but nowhere else. I know I wouldn’t let him in my home or even on my property- I have standards.

  2. In on it not says:

    Hello Izzatso. Are you weight-height proportionate?

    They also tell us that, “Poles indicate thatb 5% of the population is homosexual.” But I certainly don’t think so. I would be surprised if 1% is faggatoid. These people take a pole with their friends, who are fags, to show there are plenty of fags.

    The media loves God Damb Obama, so they show his freaky mug every chance they get. He was not elected by the peopl, after all, but by the media. So they and George Soros can’t let us down!

    Who is the puppy-master, pulliing his chain? Soros, and Edwards, Polosi and the Feinstine-twat-from-hell. Why do you have toi ask? I thought that was obvious!!!

  3. In on it not says:

    Who? Soros and Polosi and Feinstein. Need you ask?

  4. Adam says:

    Make way for the latest fake controversy: Obama gives too many press interviews and press conferences. Right. Oh boy.

    Heaven forbid Obama be on air and public often about what he’s been up to and try to instill some confidence in a time of economic downturn when at this point the most important path to recovery is confidence.

    It seems to be working. American confidence and agreement in the direction of the country is on the rise and that’s probably why you’re crying about seeing too much of him anyway. The American public disagrees with anybody who says Obama is doing a bad job and that frustrates the hell out of you.

    If Obama hid from the cameras you’d just turn around and say “Obama isn’t showing the public what he’s doing, what is he hiding from?” or something equally crazy and pointless. There is no middle ground when it comes to your derangement.

    Sorry to remind you again but Obama’s no “usurper” since a majority of Americans elected this man in a free and fair election and a majority of us still like to see his face.

    It’s going to be a long 4-8 years if you folks are 100 days in and you already can’t stand to see his face. That seemed to be 1 day in though when that happened. My political awareness began around 9/11 so I don’t really know how long it was before I started to hate looking at Bush’s face.

    • Big Dog says:

      Nope, don’t care what other people think. I don’t live by polls, I live but what I think and believe to be true.

      Don’t give me crap about instilling confidence. He came out the first times saying how bad it was and caused all kinds of turmoil so he could get more of what he wanted. Then he decided it is not as bad as he thought.


      And I will never say we see too little of a politician.

      • Adam says:

        That’s where you fail to see the difference. You can say “I disagree with what that poll says and I’m going to live by what I think and believe to be true” but you can’t say “Because I don’t live by polls I’m just going to deny that a majority of people believe different than me and think his president is doing a good job.” When you say that you’re just deluding yourself.

      • Big Dog says:

        I realize a majority of people POLLED feel differently than I do but do not believe the majority in total does.

    • Blake says:

      Adam, I hate to burst the bubble you live in, but the polls indicate that so far, Bush had better numbers at this time than Barama, 61% to 65%, so don’t crow too loudly you might have to eat some.
      52% of ALL respondents say the release of the memos was wrong, and 62% of those polled believe govt. is out of control. Now, some might like the dulcet tones of his voice, but they are increasingly saying at the polls that perhaps he might not be doing all that well in the real world.
      Oh- this was an Opinion Dynamics poll, since sourcing seems to be what gets you off.

      • Adam says:

        Sourcing gets me off? Right. It’s just like me to want to know if there are any facts behind the lunatic logic you deploy onto this site.

        I won’t pretend that Obama will be popular forever because you just can’t predict that. But I will continue to remind you and other conservatives like you that until data shows otherwise you are in a minority of folks who are displeased with the president and deluded into believing they are still in the majority.

    • In on it not says:

      I agree that confidence in the economy is needed, and Obama seems to be quite the “confidence man.”

      But like liberals did to Bush, we can lay all the mistakes of government at His Lordly Feet. It is our right to do so.

      He has a lot of help, granted, with the Democrat controlled House, Senate and activist supreme court. He is only the team leader of a larger group of reprehensible reprobates in power.

      Obama is the leader of large group of liberal politicains that were elected by the majority of the voters of this country. Granted.

      A very slim majority of the voter-turnout has placed him and his cronies in power. That doesn’t mean it was the majority of Americans that elected Obama and the rest.

      Many people don’t vote, and of those that do, many are not qualified to vote. They don’t have a clue about what they are voting for, they are illigal aliens, convicted criminals or voter frauds.
      Case in point, I give you the Al Franken recount, recount and recount ’til he won sin-drome. God, what a fiasco that was.

      Today,people vote for the man the media tells them to vote for, and the media said “Obama!” He can’t do any wrong.

      But majority doen’t make right. As example I give GWB. An “idiot” that the majority of voters elected twice, but did everything wrong.
      But again, elected not by a majority of the people, just a voter majority.

      I don’t think anyone here argues that Obama was’t elected fairly, but we do note the election itself was not very honest, nor is the paperwork of baby Obama.

      Your faction demanded to see GWB’s military papers, and the media eventually gave us Rather-gate instead.

      Where are the investigative reporters on the Obama question? It seems that people like Adam are outraged that anyone should even question Obama. Instead we should, like Adam, follow him blindly!

      Oh yeah, “we” may have lost the election but we wont forsake our country, not the way liberals have. We are going to hound Obama without remose or mercy.It is the least we can do for our country.

      We don’t have your confidence, Adam. We have seen what socialism does. We have seen what communism does. No, we don’t have your confidence in Obama and his socialist policy and we think that his team is going to ruin our country.

      The less we see of Obama the better.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Oh, and until I see a valid birth certificate, he is a usurper. Transparency. He said it now he has to show it.

    • Adam says:

      If Obama bowed to the wishes of every wingnut conspiracy theorist then he’d never have time to do real work for America. As soon as Obama released the certificate you’d just find something else to call him an “usurper” about anyway so it really doesn’t matter. The more he holds off the more crazy you folks seem and that means he wins and you lose.

      • Blake says:

        Your logic is childish, Adam- if there’s no problem, then what’s the problem? This ” he wins and you lose” is a lame argument.
        Yes, some of us think that he is not good for America- heck, some believe him to be absolutely dangerous to our way of life, and has oozed into the highest office in the land with an agenda that I feel even you will regret, once you quit being the serial apologist for Hiz Lowness.
        I have to say, however, if half of this country is a “wingnut conspiracy theorist” as you say, then its’just a matter of which half, Adam. I fear your half is the wingnuttiest.

        • Adam says:

          Stop kidding yourself into thinking you and the average American agree on anything. The average American went to the polls in 2006 and 2008 and voted against your beliefs and sent your party to the bench.

          When I talk about wingnut conspiracy theorists I’m referring to the slim minority of deranged, bitter individuals that you are starting to agree with more and more…

      • Blake says:

        Adam, for me to believe that there is a conspiracy, I would first have to believe that the liberals were smart enough to actually form a conspiracy, and few people would believe THAT could happen. I am not one of them. The liberals did not so much win, as much as McCain lost the election. Y’all kind of “backed into” the White House, all on the fact that Barry knew how to speak, but little else.
        McCain came off looking like an old man- tired, and not up to the job, and so he lost.
        What should concern you is the margin by which he lost, which, given the atmosphere at the time, was not much at all. If you refuse to recognize that truth, then it is you who are delusional.
        Your guy should have won it all if he’s that good, but noooooo.

        • Adam says:

          Tell me you can actually look at the results of the election in numbers and say with a straight face that Obama didn’t win big. So the victory is not quite impressive since he didn’t win everything? Stop kidding yourself. Your party had it’s ass handed to it.

        • Blake says:

          nope- it was a beauty contest, and Barama didn’t slip on the runway- that’s all, and has been said before, if the people who stayed home had come out, well, it might have been a different result.
          Won big? Yeah right- and of course, Walter Mondale barely lost, by your logic.

  6. Big Dog says:

    It is not a matter of he wins we lose. It is a matter of upholding the Constitution, something you libs are not comfortable.

    If he released it that would be the end of it but he has spent nearly a million dollars to hide it as transparent as that is.

    There has to be a reason he is hiding it.

  7. Adam says:

    Obama’s released an adequate birth certificate but that’s not good enough, is it? You question the validity of that copy because you’ve been duped into believing a joke of a conspiracy.

    I like how PolitiFact puts it:

    And there’s the rub. It is possible that Obama conspired his way to the precipice of the world’s biggest job, involving a vast network of people and government agencies over decades of lies. Anything’s possible.

    But step back and look at the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and your sense of what’s reasonable has to take over.

    There is not one shred of evidence to disprove PolitiFact’s conclusion that the candidate’s name is Barack Hussein Obama, or to support allegations that the birth certificate he released isn’t authentic.

    And that’s true no matter how many people cling to some hint of doubt and use the Internet to fuel their innate sense of distrust.

    I hope Obama spends a million more if it keeps the kooks howling and looking like fools…

  8. Angi says:

    What adequate birth certificate? Oh, the COLB that was proven to be a forged copy, and that anyone can get any time after they’re born – anywhere in the world? Or the scanned copy that was posted online?

    I’m going to try that next time I go to get a passport. “Oh you want to see my birth certificate? Well, see, I don’t really want to show you the official hard copy, but if you go to my website, I have a scanned copy of my certification of live birth, and that better be good enough for you.”

  9. Big Dog says:

    I will remind you that in 2004 you said Bush did not have a mandate because a large number of people did not vote.

    In 2008 a lot of people stayed home. A lot of people did not vote so don’t now say that America went tot he pools and decided when in the past you claimed the voted was not a mandate because more people did not vote than did.

    A lot of conservatives stayed home because they did not like McCain. Also, many voted third party for the same reason.

    Don’t act like Obama got everyone in America excited and they all voted. Blacks voted for him because he is black and white liberals voted for him because he is liberal.

    Now they have a vested interest in making him look good no matter what. Remember Chrissy Matthews, it was his job to ensure Obama succeeds.

    You see, if he is a failure liberalism will take a big hit and so will blacks. If Obama fails it will look like a black guy can’t handle the job and it will be a long time before another one gets the chance.

  10. Big Dog says:

    I am surprised a college educated man like you is too stupid to know that Obama did not release a birth certificate.

    He released a computer generated Certificate of Live Birth that Hawaii will not even accept for some transaction in the state. He had a computer printed synopsis of information in a database, a database that would not have existed in 1961. His REAL birth certificate will be typed or handwritten and contain a doctor’s signature. It will also contain information about the mother, father, and PLACE OF BIRTH.

    A COLB is not a birth certificate.

    • Adam says:

      It’s sad really how some conservatives on this site will delude themselves about this birth certificate issue simply because they loathe a Democrat in the White House.

      • Blake says:

        It’s sad really how some liberals will delude themselves into believing that a pseudo- certificate is the same as the real thing. You probably have tofurkey for Thanksgiving, and call it the real thing.
        The problem is not necessarily the certificate itself, but the deception surrounding it.
        Can you say “Transparency?” No?
        Apparently neither can Barry.

        • Big Dog says:

          And I never called the Democrats who challenged McCain’s qualification because of where he was born. McCain showed his REAL birth certificate and that was all there was to it.

          Adam acts as if asking for proof, given this guy’s history and world travels (not to mention his family’s statements) is a crime.

          That is the difference between someone who values the Constitution and someone who does not.

          Same thing happens with the Second Amendment.

  11. cdosrun says:

    I cannot believe this man is still in office! All he does is spend taxpayers’ money.
    Spend spend spend!
    That’s all he does! His cabinet is full of tax cheats. Gibbs came out the other day and stated “The president feels that nobody is above the law”.
    Ha! Except his own cabinet!
    This administration is a joke!! And what’s sad is that nobody cares! Nobody says anything!
    Where’s the jobs hes promised?
    In Arizona, the jobs come with conditions.
    They are available only to blacks, latinos and american indians first, then the white man can get what’s left over.
    This is a provision he put into the jobs he set up for Arizona.
    Who knows what other states this is in effect in.
    Our president is a racist scumbag!
    People may be interested in learning the Obama/GE/MSNBC connection. If not, please research it.
    This may explain why MSNBC has such hateful programming. They only want to serve their master.