How Much Land Will Israel Have To Give Up?

Since it was established in 1948 Israel has been a country with a huge red target on it. It has had very few friends around the world and absolutely no friends in the Middle East. It is surrounded by countries that would love nothing more than to see it disappear. Over all these years many of those countries have been involved in the build-up of their military strength and at times have attacked Israel. Israel wins these mini-wars and in the process obtains more land. This infuriates the Arab world because they have lost face in their part of the world. So, what they do is start little battles or launch rockets or kidnap soldiers and then negotiate. These negotiations, always done under the guise of peace, involve Israel giving back some of the land that it conquered in war.

The Israelis have given up the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip in order to allow the Arabs who believe they have a legal claim to the areas to move back in. All of these deals were based on a lasting peace in the region. Unfortunately, the UN has never backed Israel in any of these deals and therefore has been unwilling to enforce any resolutions that are passed. It seems that every time there is a skirmish, Israel is told they must leave some other land the Arabs claim is occupied. Since none of the Arab world believe that Israel deserves the land it is on, it would appear that they continue to attack in order to get the UN to keep cutting off another piece of land to appease the Arabs and squeeze the Israelis. Any group the UN sends in to keep the peace fails miserably because they are usually watching and helping the Arabs build up arms.

Case in point, recently the Iranian President, Amannamed-jihad, said that he wanted Israel wiped off the map and that if the West believed that Israel was entitled to property it should be given property in some other region of the world like Europe. The Israelis have given up land and the UN observers sat idly by while Hezbollah built up arms and dug in for war. The entire plan, which quickly unraveled, was for Hezbollah to kidnap soldiers and then, after a minor Israeli response, negotiate for the release of prisoners and, if you want lasting peace, the land that is in dispute. Hamas is in a similar position. They will probably negotiate for land that is also in dispute. You see, every time Israel is attacked the Arabs lay claim to more land and say “If we could only get this land back we would be peaceful.” Then they break their word and attack again and the cycle starts over.

How much is Israel going to have to give up to live in peace? This time I think they have had enough and they intend to wipe out Hezbollah or render them useless before they stop fighting. Who can blame them. The acts of aggression are initiated on the Arab side of the border. They do not live in peace and they want Israel gone. With their accomplices in the anti Semitic UN, they have quite a bit of clout to use. I think however, we are going to find that Israel is not going to play by the UN’s rules this time. They have already indicated they will not relinquish to a UN peacekeeping force. They have indicated that it must be a force capable of fighting and keeping the peace.

I predicted that there would be trouble with the Palestinians when Israel gave up Gaza. This came to pass but I think the Palestinians saw Israel’s harsh response to Hezbollah and do not want their country to look like Lebanon so they are now trying to negotiate. I said at that time that if the Arabs get unruly or break their word then Israel should wipe them out and be done with it. If Hamas and Hezbollah are not reduced to dust they will grow back like a cancer, even stronger and even more deadly. Anything short of a complete rout will be viewed in the Arab world as a victory against Israel and will incite more attacks against that nation.

Like a Gamma knife on a tumor, Israel must remove this malignancy completely even if it means excising some of the good tissue around it in order to obtain lasting peace. We have played this game for way too long and it is time for Israel to be left alone by the Jew hating UN. In addition, Israel should not give up one more inch of property.

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