How Many People At The Rally And Were They Racists?

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The usual post rally numbers game is underway and people are saying that as few as 87,000 and as many as 1 million people attended the Restoring Honor event in DC. The liberal left needs to minimize the numbers because the bigger the numbers are the weaker its position becomes.

I was at the rally and I believe there were closer to a million people than to 87,000. The New Carrollton Metro station had 8000 to 10,000 people in line when I arrived. It took nearly 2 hours to get to the train and when I did get on the train the line down below was longer than when I arrived. The entire Mall was surrounded by people and the crowd extended to the Washington Monument. The open area to the left (when looking at the Lincoln Memorial) was completely full of people and the right had densely packed groups way into the wood line (they cannot be seen from the overhead shots but they were there and they were packed in there).

The crowd was mostly white (as is the population of this country) but there were quite a few people of color in attendance. I saw many, many people who were not white and they appeared to be enjoying themselves. In fact, two women of color were walking next to me on the way to the Mall and one looked to the other and said; “Can you believe he asked me where the Al Sharpton event was? I told him over there where those 10 people are. I am going down here where everyone else is.” She was amused that the person would assume that since she was not white she would be on her way to see Sharpton rather than Beck. She got a huge laugh out of it as did everyone with whom she shared the story.

I understand that the left is upset by all the attention non liberal groups get and it needs to fight it any way it can. This is why everything is labeled racist. But minimizing the crowd at this event and repeating the same tired lines about it being very white is getting old. Whites are a majority of the population and when one considers that 95% of blacks are held captive on the Democrat plantation then it is easy to see why throngs of blacks are not at these types of events. However, rejecting the validity of an event because it has too many people of one color and not enough of another makes no sense and is very dangerous. Those who think that any rally that consists of mostly white people is not valid would have to invalidate the Al Sharpton rally that consisted mostly of black people.

Additionally, this picture of the Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech shows the crowd to be almost all black. No whites are found in the picture of the crowd. I am sure some were there but since whites made up 60%-70% of the population (probably more like 80% back then) at that time then this crowd is disproportionately black. I find that perfectly acceptable but if we are going to use the diversity of color at an event to give it credibility or validity then MLK’s speech was not credible and not valid. I would also point out that Obama’s inauguration had huge numbers of blacks in the crowd, numbers that were hugely disproportionate to their representation in the country. Does this mean that event lacked validity?

There are plenty of pictures of the crowd and they tell a story that makes it clear more than 87,000 people were there. MLK had 200,000 to 250,000 at his speech and the Restoring Honor pictures show more people than attended King’s speech so it is logical to assume that there were more than 200,000 people there. I think that the number is 600,000 to 1 million but have no way of knowing and no agency does any official counting.

It would be interesting to know how many Metro tickets were sold. That would give a good indication of how many people were there.

Suffice it to say that the event is not well received by liberals who cannot grasp the concept of honor and who cannot see anything but racism in such events. It will drive them nuts for some time to come.

I also add that there were many people opposed to Beck having this rally in the same place where MLK had his speech and on the same date that the speech occurred. Al Sharpton was very upset about this claiming that Beck was against what MLK stood for (which Sharpton erroneously believes to be the removal of state’s rights) and challenged Beck to debate the Ground Zero Mosque issue, which Sharpton supports. This challenge came as Sharpton appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s show. So does anyone else find it ironic that Sharpton complains about the location of Beck’s rally but dismisses this concern (location) from people opposed to the mosque? Thanks to Rick for this insight.

Anyone want to wager that the people offended at Glen Beck’s choice of location for his Restoring Honor rally in DC (where Martin Luther King held his I Have A Dream speech) are the same people defending the location of the mosque at Ground Zero?


We will hear more in the days ahead…

Here are some great pictures and interesting takes on the rally:
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Why is there this assumption that MLK and his speech were a black only thing?

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7 Responses to “How Many People At The Rally And Were They Racists?”

  1. victoria says:

    Glad you could be there, Dog. I would have been there if I could.

  2. […] How Many People At The Rally And Were They Racists? Posted on August 29, 2010 by MaddMedic| Leave a comment Big Dogs House » Blog Archive » How Many People At The Rally And Were They Racists?. […]

  3. The “racist!” slander has lost virtually all its power. The left-wing elite still believe it has force, but they don’t mix with the people it’s supposed to intimidate and silence, and so are late “getting the news.” The black racialists have no other weapon, since their entire pitch is founded on allegations of white racism. Any liberals outside those two groups are getting a swift education in the law of political denunciation: Any insult, however severe or sincere, will become ineffective after a sufficient number of uses.

    Better times are a-comin’, friends.

  4. Blake says:

    Now the lefties are going to have their own “rally”- so how many people do you think are going to be “asked” by their Union Management to show up at the rally- I do know that the head of the CWA (communications workers of
    America) has “requested” that all member who live at least 300 miles from D.C. attend- I am sure SEIU, and the UAW, and ANYONE remotely associated with moveon will try to pack the rally with people whose heart may not quite be in it, but they will not achieve what Glenn Beck did on 8/28, of that I am sure.

  5. Colleen says:

    Hi Bigdog,
    Love your blog. I wondered if you had a feeling for how many attended the One Nation Rally this weekend. I read that there is a possibility that the pictures were photo shopped, what do you think?

  6. Big Dog says:

    I read that some of the photos were actually of a TEA Party or the Beck rally to make the numbers bigger. Not sure if this is the case but there were not nearly as many people so Schultz gets to eat crow.