How Many Of Them Actually Pay Taxes?

Some chucklehead at Time Magazine (does anyone even read that thing) named Mark Weston is very unhappy that Hillary Clinton allegedly won the popular vote but did not win the presidency. He, like most liberals, is upset that we use the Electoral College system and quite honestly, from his remarks, he does not understand it. Like most liberals he does not understand what kind of nation we are and how elections work.

So this guy is calling for all Hillary supporters to NOT pay federal taxes until the nation changes to a popular vote scheme. He wants people to figure out what they would owe but to write a check to an escrow type account that would be released to the feds once they change how we elect presidents.

Weston is unhappy because he thinks Hillary won the popular vote and should be president. He wants our “democracy” restored. His statements show a complete lack of knowledge.

The first thing is we are not a democracy. In a democracy 50% plus one gets to tell everyone else how things should be. So in a true democracy 50% plus one could vote that the rest of the nation has to work and give all their money up to the majority to spend as it pleases. We have a representative form of government where people are represented by those elected officials and each state in the union has a say in the process. Weston wants the very small land mass of densely packed people that Hillary won to be able to tell the rest of us how things will be. He wants all the rest of us in the vast land mass that Trump won to be under the rule of a few places. He does not want us to have a say in the process.

Weston says that the people should not pay their taxes because they are taxed without representation. His claim is that Hillary won the popular vote and these people are not represented because Trump won the presidency. First of all, he and all others are represented because they have an elected official in their Congressional District and two Senators who represent them at the federal level. The President is not your representation, your Congress critters are. Hell, if we could elect not to pay taxes based on the idea that if the person you did not vote for the presidency won half the nation would never pay taxes.

Let us look at this other claim. Hillary won the popular vote. No, she did not. Hillary won some of the popular votes and Trump won the others. You see, we do not have one great big national election. We have 51 individual elections (50 states and DC) and in nearly every state the winner of the popular vote in that state gets all the Electoral Votes for the state (some states allot them proportionally or by Congressional District). The states do not have to have elections to select the electors so there is no requirement that the people even be allowed to vote to select them. Each state is allowed to decide how the electors are selected. The states have decided on a popular vote (and that vote is PER STATE).

So it is a non argument to say Hillary won the popular vote because we do not have a popular vote nationwide. The only thing the nationwide total shows is that Hillary’s total of the number of people who voted, when ALL of the INDIVIDUAL STATE elections are added up, is more than the number of people who voted for Donald Trump. But that does not matter because Trump won enough of the popular votes in states to capture enough electors to be president.

Liberals like to keep repeating things that are not true so that they can brainwash followers into believing things that just are not so. If you listen to a Hillary supporter spout off you will hear the mindless parroting of talking points that are not true but have been repeated so often that the liberal drones believe them. This is why so many of them think we have a national popular vote, the Electoral College is outdated, that Hillary won and was robbed and that we are a democracy. They keep hearing it so they begin to believe it (this is why so many liberals think the Second Amendment only applies to the militia).

The reality is our system is set up in such a fashion that each state has a say in the matter. We are not ruled by the tyrannical majority in a few densely populated areas. We all get a say in it and we do it because each state has its OWN election. Hillary did not win the popular vote and she did not win the presidency so crying about it won’t change that. Refusing to pay your taxes will not change it either.

How many of the folks in question actually pay taxes? Her rich donors certainly figure out how to pay less and the millennials and college kids probably don’t make enough to pay anything. Add them to the welfare rolls and felons who voted and it is unlikely that we are talking about a huge amount in tax money. Hell, if we stopped paying the welfare to those who fall into the category Weston describes we might be able to have a net increase.

I know it is tough Mr. Weston but you are very wrong. Get a real book and undo the damage your college professors caused.

And get used to saying it:

President Donald Trump.

Source: WND

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