How Low Will She Stoop?

First we had former Jackass of the Month Chuck Schumer trying to raise campaign money by having people go to a site to sign a petition and then request they donate to Katrina victims. It turns out that the request for money was for democratic senatorial races. Let that be a lesson to you. The government has been warning of scam artists who would take advantage of people after the disaster. Schumer is one of them. After he got caught, he did the dance and said it was all a mistake and the money would go to the Red Cross. If the people who donated intended it to be for the senators, is this a violation of election laws?

It gets better in that the Queen Bee Hillary Clinton is using the Katrina disaster to raise money for her 2006 reelection. There are no limits to how low these cretins will stoop. Clinton needs to shut her pie hole and if she is really concerned about the victims she can take her six down south and lend a helping hand. I have a word for her. It is the acronym of Can’t Understand Normal Thinking.

Here is what Newsmax reported:

Four days after Sen. Charles Schumer was widely criticized for invoking Hurricane Katrina to raise campaign cash, Hillary Clinton signaled that she would make the Bush administration’s response to the Katrina disaster the new focus of her fund raising efforts.

Speaking Monday at a big-bucks Manhattan fund raiser for her 2006 reelection race, Clinton laced into Bush for the Katrina calamity, blasting what she described as a “total breakdown in leadership” at the White House.

“How could we, as Americans, have let this happen?” she fumed to donors, in quotes picked up by the New York Post.

The top Democrat also cited Katrina to undermine Bush’s image as a strong guardian of national security, saying the, “We’ve had four years to fix [our emergency response]” – a clear reference to the just-passed 9/11 anniversary.

The former first lady said that the Bush administration’s failed Katrina response would leave a “deep and lasting scar that we have to look at honestly.”

Clinton has been a leading critic of Bush’s handling of the disaster since Katrina’s first raindrops fell. But yesterday’s event was the first time the former first lady has used the staggering tragedy to raise campaign funds.

It’s not known how much cash Clinton’s Katrina fund raiser netted her campaign.

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2 Responses to “How Low Will She Stoop?”

  1. jami says:

    ah yes. the “shut her pie hole” defense. wasn’t that in the lincoln-douglas debate?

  2. Big Dog says:

    No it was not. During that part of our history women were not really allowed to talk about politics in public. We’ve come a long way baby.

    Funny how you see a problem with me telling her to shut her pie hole yet you find not fault you are willing to express about raising money off people’s misery.

    Perhaps you could actually address the issue or are you too busy dismissing the Clinton crime family so you can get her elected.

    I think I remember you. The person who knew nothing about Hillary Clinton but want to vote for her because she is a woman. Adam’s friend. Yep, you still don’t know anything. BTW, we use the shut your pie hole argument for uninformed people because when you present them with facts they get confused and make stupid arguments.