How Low Will Democrats Stoop?

There has been some discussion this past week about a video ad used by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The ad featured a montage of pictures to display why the Democrats think change is needed in America. One of the pictures was that of Tom Delay which was doctored to look like a mug shot. The other, and most controversial, was the image of Flag draped coffins of American service members returning from war.

This last image has evoke quite a response and it seems that once again the Democrats have attempted to use our military as a ploy to get money. They are good at exploiting the men and women in uniform. The video was put up with a donate button so that people could give money. Then the button was removed so that the donks could deny trying to make money off our war dead. Now, according to reports, the video has been taken down.

Addressing a few things I have to say that if you truly believe that the Republicans are a culture of corruption then why the need to doctor a picture to look like a mugshot? What would have been the uproar if Republicans had called the Clinton years the culture of rape and then showed a doctored picture of him holding a naked woman down? What is more corrupt, a person who is under indictment but has not been found guilty or a group of people who would doctor a picture to intentionally mislead the voters?

Now let us look at the coffin issue. I was watching Hannity and Colmes the other night and Colmes was showing a picture from the last Presidential election that had a coffin in it. His question was, why is it OK for George Bush to use coffins (he said of service members but it is unlikely that is what the coffin was because it was a picture from 9/11) to get elected but not the DCCC to raise money? The picture the President used was a generic picture and it showed what our enemy had done to us. The whole intent was to show that we were attacked and we needed to remain strong. The pictures the DCCC used were specific and easily identifiable. The intent of the picture was to show that George Bush had screwed up and Americans died because of it. The image was designed to show that we needed to cut and run because we suffered casualties.

The image also showed another thing about the Democrats and it is an important item. There is nothing they are willing to give their lives for including our national security. They are admitting that Osama bin Laden was right when he said that as soon as we lose a few soldiers we run away from the fight. They are basically saying that we need to cut and run like OBL said we would because we are weak on national security and we think nothing is worth fighting for.

Couple the subliminal message the Democrats sent with the blatant deception and you have a party that will do anything to get elected but knows, on the subconscious level, they are not fit to lead. We definitely do not need this bunch in charge of our country.

As always, I welcome your comments.

Source: Yahoo News

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One Response to “How Low Will Democrats Stoop?”

  1. Bosun says:

    Oops, did not comment on this one. Looks like the donk lefti pulled their ad. It was in very poor taste and caught someone’s attention.

    The power of the blog and the heat of public opinion won one small round this time. Until the left-wing pundits strike again, keep the spotlight of truth shining.