How Long Will Pelosi Take?

There is a story out about the Republicans using Nancy Pelosi as a target to get people to vote for them. One of her people said it is a scare tactic showing Republican desperation. When one of your own people admits that it is a scarey to think of you in charge then you know it must be true. Howver, here is the thing that confuses me:

In the first 100 hours of a Democratic majority, she has vowed to rewrite House lobbying rules, increase the minimum wage, reduce interest rates on student loans, adopt the homeland security recommendations made by the bipartisan 9/11 Commission and give the government the power to negotiate with drugs companies for lower prices for the Medicare prescription drug programme.

This will take what, 9 or 10 months? The way the members of Congress work, In by Tuesday, out by Thursday and 5 hour lunches with lobbyists, hell it will take forever to hit 100 hours.

What they ought to do is establish the work week and it should be a regular 40 hour work week. Anyone not there on time gets docked pay. They worked about 100 DAYS this year so getting 100 hours out of them will make them ask for a raise or something…..

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