How Long Before They Cry To Release Him?

The lawyer for a suspected terrorist who plotted to assassinate President Bush has asked that evidence against his client be thrown out because they claim it was given as a result of torture. After reading the account it appears to me this guy, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, was bragging that he came up with the idea and wanted to have the same honor as those who planned the 9/11 attacks:

When Abu Ali was asked, “Were you tasked to assassinate the President?” he replied, “I came up with the idea on my own, but it did not get beyond the idea stage. I wanted to be the brain, the planner, just like (reputed Sept. 11 attack masterminds) Mohammed Atta and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad.”

The people who interrogated him say he was calm and relaxed while being questioned. I think he probably felt he was a “bad dude” telling everyone of his plan. Now that he realizes he could go to jail for a long time in a not so nice place, he is claiming torture. The terrorists are not stupid. They know the hot buttons and the claim of torture is one of them.

How long will it be before Ted Kennedy demands that this man be released? How long before he tells us how bad we are and that this guy’s claim of torture should be taken as the gospel truth. We know the big bad Bush administration likes to torture everyone into confessing to things they did not do. Hell, Ted might even agree with the idea the terrorist came up with. John Kerry will not be to far back in the wings telling us that torture and a confession are not leadership.

I hope that if this guy is guilty (presumption of innocence) they lock him up for a long time and put him so far back in the jail that sunshine has to be pumped in to him. Then, after the verdict, Ted can climb back in his bottle and John into his hole.

Read it here at Breitbart.

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