How Far Does The IRS Scandal Reach?

The IRS is guilty of targeting conservative groups. Of this there is no doubt and when this is said and done a number of people should land in jail. The IRS deliberately targeted groups to help Barack Obama get reelected and it released tax information to people who could use it to attack Romney and his supporters.

These are the facts in the scandal and they are not in dispute.

We know that Harry Reid made claims that Romney paid no taxes. We do not know if this is true or not but where did Reid get his information? We know that Austan Goolsbee, Obama’s economic adviser, accused the Koch brothers of not paying corporate taxes. Where did he get his information?

Goolsbee and the White House had claimed they got the information from publicly available sources (Forbes and the Koch website) but those sources did not have that information. Now that the IRS scandal has broken Goolsbee has piped up to claim that it was a mistake and the info came from an article.

Why did he chime in now when the issue was not mentioned since the original false claim? Perhaps it is because Goolsbee is worried about getting snared in the IRS scandal. Is it because this will be traced back to Obama?

It is likely that Barack Obama had knowledge of what was going on. Whether he directed the IRS to break the law is not yet known but he probably knew where the information was coming from. Hell, his campaign was using the information so it requires the willful suspension of disbelief to think he did not know. This tactic is classic Obama.

This is why all the wagons are circling. The people involved are trying to protect Obama from being caught up in all of this.

Congress can investigate all of this and it can appoint a special prosecutor to look into it but if it wants to end this fast it needs to find the low level people involved and threaten them with serious jail time. These people might be Obama sycophants but I doubt any of them want to go to jail for him.

Goolsbee is covering his rear so he should be on the hot seat as should the people at the IRS all the way up to Lerner. Threaten these people with the full might of the government and the judicial system and they will begin to sing.

There are plenty of scandals that show America elected a criminal to run the country. His shady deal with terrorists (he was either running guns through Benghazi or he planned to have our Ambassador kidnapped so he could negotiate a deal to swap the Blind Sheik and look like a hero before the election. The plan went south when two Seals refused to stand down) led to Americans being murdered and he should be impeached for that. In any event this 3 am phone call will derail Hillary in 2016.

The IRS scandal hits a broader audience because it targeted everyday citizens for political purposes. A government agency was used to intimidate Americans and help Obama win an election. Despite the moron liberals who are happy it took place the overwhelming number of people in this country find the whole thing distasteful. Most people here do not like the IRS and give it no sympathy.

The public trust has been violated and there are a lot of people involved in the violation. We need action on this. We need Obama impeached, we need the IRS abolished and the tax code simplified, and we need everyone who was involved in this to be sent to jail.

Then we need to deal with Benghazi and the DOJ violation of the First Amendment right of the press.

No matter what, we must have answers and we must have justice.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “How Far Does The IRS Scandal Reach?”

  1. Blake says:

    The only problem with threateningthem with the full might of the judicial system, is that we have AG Holder, the legal “Step’n Fetchit” of the Obama admin.
    All you have to do is go back to the voter intimidation case in Pennsylvania to know how he would act- not that he doesn’t have troubles of his own.