How Exactly Do We Do It?

I was in the airport earlier this week and I had the chance to watch one of the Sunday news programs. Senator Feinstein and Senator Roberts were on the show discussing the latest revelations about North Korea. Intelligence reports show that North Korea is probably preparing to detonate a nuclear device as part of a test. They have built elaborate viewing stands for important people to watch the test detonation. Roberts was saying that we need to continue with the six country negotiations with North Korea and Feinstein was saying that the Bush administration should get involved in unilateral discussions with North Korea. She said we should exclude the other countries and talk directly to North Korea one on one and this might be the only way to get things moving.

I have many thoughts about this whole exchange. First, was not the left up in arms (so to speak) about Bush going into Iraq unilaterally? Were not they the ones who said we needed to involve all the other nations? We had to get the blessing of the UN and everyone else and God help us that we did not have the support of Russia, France, and Germany. So now Senator Feinstein wants us to exclude those very countries and have us GO IT ALONE in these negotiations. Is Feinstein admitting that sometimes we need to go it alone to accomplish what we want? Is she saying that the President should have the latitude to do what is best for this country despite how others perceive it? Well Senator, you can not have it both ways. We either owe it to the world to involve all countries or we are allowed to go it alone if we have to. I think that you already displayed what is in your heart even if you lacked the courage to express it when we went into Iraq.

Now is it a stretch here or are they actually listening to the intelligence reports to make these decisions? How dare they listen to intelligence reports and make decisions or draw conclusions. When Bush did that he was reckless and made everything up to start a war.

Feinstein said we needed to negotiate with Kin Jung Il and make an agreement so we can all live in a good world. Roberts pointed out that Clinton’s administration negotiated in good faith with Il and they took the technology that we gave them and used it to make a weapon. I believe my buddy from the left made the insinuation that the Reagan administration must have been full of idiots not to realize that the peaceful items we gave Iraq would be turned into weapons. He said that it was our fault they had them because we sold them the pre-cursors. Well my friend, Clinton gave the Koreans the stuff to make the nuclear bombs. Stevie Wonder could have seen that they were going to use the stuff for weapons. Using your logic, the Clintonistas are responsible for North Korea having a nuclear weapon. Why they must have been a bunch of idiots no to see that coming.

Maybe we will get lucky on this one. Maybe the North Koreans built the viewing stands too close to where the bomb will be detonated and they will all get fried from the blast. Maybe if we are fortunate the bomb will be stronger than they thought and will wipe out most of the bad guys and that place can start over.

Of course the left will find a way to blame Bush for it. Maybe of we are really lucky some of the Clintonistas will be there to see the fruits of their treason.

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