How Else Can They Disgrace Our Military?

I just got back in town after a few days on a business trip. I was catching up on the political news when I saw something at Drudge that made my blood boil. Is putting out a commercial that shows an American Fighting Man in a position of surrender. I can not for the life of me figure out how many ways people can come up with to disgrace our wonderful men and women in uniform. I do not know if this is a staged picture but I would be surprised if it was from the war.
The second paragraph of the soldiers creed states:

I will never surrender of my own free
will. If in command I will never surrender my soldiers while they still
have the means to resist.

Now I know that John Kerry is going down faster than an intern in the Clinton administration but I can not imagine how desperate they must be to pull a stunt like this. Kerry had a definite impact on the war in Vietnam by protesting upon his return. He now claims to be a war hero and he is correct. To the Vietnamese he is.
His campaign is in disarray and he is losing states that have traditionally been democratic strongholds. In addition, he is losing the support of unions, something unheard of for the democrats. He just went to the National Guard Association Meeting in Las Vegas to address the troops and told them he wanted to thank them. He talked about how the troops needed the leadership that he could provide. Well, they certainly don’t need the leadership a traitorous war protestor can provide and they don’t need the leadership of a man who lets his surrogates air ads that present an unfavorable and humiliating picture of our service members.
Shame on and the Kerry campaign. He has once again shown his disdain for the military and displayed them in an unfavorable light during a time of war. Once again he is providing our enemies with ammunition by fueling anti-war sentiment in the U.S. and abroad. How can anyone with half a brain actually believe this man can lead our wonderful country?
To their credit, our soldiers at the convention gave Mr. Kerry polite applause. However, it was not like the reception the president received and some of the troops actually left when he spoke.
I told you the second paragraph of the Soldier’s Creed, here is the first:

I am an American Soldier. I serve in the
forces that guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to
give my life in their defense.

Unfortunately, Kerry and his surrogates do not understand this creed or the brave people who live by it. Now, because of them, our enemies will probably be inspired to take more of those lives.

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