How Did The Victim Die?

The left is up in arms about the attempted execution of Clayton Lockett. He was being put to death when something went wrong and the execution was stopped. He ended up dying of a heart attack not long after.

Wasn’t the point to kill him?

In any event, the left wants us to know how cruel it is to put a convicted murderer to death and this case, they assert, points out how things can go wrong. The guy was in obvious distress and he suffered.

Oh the horror.

The left has not considered the way this guy’s victim died. He shot her and he shot her again but she continued to breathe so he had his thugs bury her alive. This was after the victim and her friends were raped and sodomized by the thugs.

Ann Coulter has a brilliant piece about this and she spells it out quite clearly. Lockett was not a nice guy; he was a thug who was brutally violent.

So he might have suffered a bit, big fricking deal. I am just glad he had the heart attack and died anyway or we would have his sorry butt filing lawsuits and claiming he had been abused.

I have no sympathy for the criminals, particularly the thuggish violent ones.

They can rot in hell. I hope Lockett had an out of body experience and saw a bright light from the flames of hell.

The victims and their families are who we should be concerned with.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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