How Did A Gun Crime Happen In DC?

Washington DC has very strict gun laws, in fact some of the strictest in the nation. Politicians who pass these gun laws tell us that they will keep us safer in spite of the fact that criminals do not obey the law. Ronald Reagan was shot in Washington DC even though he was surrounded by armed guards and there were even striter laws at the time. This proves beyond a doubt that criminals do not obey the law and even the most protected are vulnerable to a determined criminal.

Recently in DC, a man was carjacked and forced, at gunpoint, to sign his vehicle over to an evildoer. The man advertised his 1998 van for sale and agreed to meet a prospective buyer at a location other than his house. The prospective buyer and another person met the seller and took the vehicle for a test drive. The prospective buyer had a wad of cash and a gun. The seller asked why he had a gun and the man nodded to his friend in the back of the van.

Both men pointed guns at the seller and forced him to sign the title to the vehicle over to one of them.

You can read the whole account of the story here.

The point of this post is to ask how could this happen? How could two armed men force another, at gunpoint, to sign a title over in a city that does not allow people to carry guns?

If gun control is the answer to the problem of gun crime then how did this happen in a place that has such strict gun control?

The Democrats in Maryland passed a new gun control law in order to reduce gun related crime so they should take note of what happens in places like DC. The gun laws do not stop criminals from using guns to commit crimes.

The only thing gun laws do is make victims out of law abiding citizens.

Gun control laws do not work, they do not stop criminals from using them and they do not reduce crime. Maryland has tough gun laws now and Baltimore is the City that Bleeds. Things will get worse when the new laws take effect.

Just like they are in DC and every other place where people are denied their Constitutionally protected right to keep and BEAR arms…

Wake up America and wake up People’s Republik of Maryland.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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