How Come She Is Not Doing It In Her Own State?

There was a big fund raising event in California for senator Hillary Clinton. All the usual suspects were at the events. If you watched during her husband’s reign of mediocrity then you know all the players. It was all the people who give to any cause democratic especially the ones that involve the Clintons. I want to know why she went all the way across the country to California to raise money when she is from Illinois, Arkansas, New York. Could she not raise the money there? If she needed the liberal elites of tinsel town then why did they not go to New York and bring the money there?

I think Hill is out in California boning up support for a possible run at the White House in 2008. She went out there to get the money. She does not care about New York. That was just a stepping stone in the Clinton life of public leeching. Next thing they will need is to get their daughter in an elected position and they will have lived their entire lives sponging off the public. The folks in New York should be asking exactly where her loyalties lie. I can answer that for them, in her own interests.

There is one part of the article I found rather amusing. It reads:

Conservatives may strive to portray New York Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as a polarizing figure, but she unified Hollywood Democratic political donors at a series of fund raisers that netted an estimated $1 million in a single evening, hosts estimated Thursday.

What do they mean that she unified Hollywood democratic political donors? Those jerks would give money to a monkey if it was a registered democrat. They would give money to Hussein or bin Laden if they ran as a democrat against Bush. Saying Hillary unified Hollywood democrats is really a false statement. They were already unified. She just brings out the worst in them.

Read the spin right here.

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5 Responses to “How Come She Is Not Doing It In Her Own State?”

  1. Surfside says:

    Hillary can be called many names, but “stupid” would not be one of them. She wants to kill two birds with one political stone. She would like to tuck two electoral-rich states into her belt with the “practice” election of 2006. By fund raising in California for a senate seat in New York, she and her supporters not only raise the funds they need, but they get more publicity without calling it publicity. Essentially, she is admitting she will run for the Whitehouse in 2008. Was there any doubt?

  2. Gavin McLachlan says:

    It’s called strategic campaigning. Conservatives usually win their elections through voting fraud instead of actual campaigning, so I can see why you’re confused.

  3. Surfside says:

    Well, Gavin, interesting you should point the “voting fraud” finger at the conservatives. Come back in a day or two and I’ll have an interesting post refuting your assertion.

  4. Don Surber says:

    Hillary has a home state? Illinois? Arkansas? New York? Despair? Denial? Dread?

  5. Big Dog says:

    Gaven once again illustrates the liberal position that it does not matter if it factual. What matters is the seriousness of the charges. I would point out that voter fraud has existed in both parties for some time and that Nixon should have been president in 1960. He lost due to voter fraud. There are many instances of this occurring throughout history and both sides have people who are guilty.

    Having said that, it would be interesting, Gavin, if you could show some credible evidence to back up this absurd claim. These assertions have been made all along. A Kerry strategy was to claim fraud instantly if he lost. His problem was that he lost by so much in Ohio it would not stick.

    I am not confused. I know a carpetbagger when I see one. And so you know, it is not strategic campaigning. The Hollywood libs would donate to ANY donk on the ticket. No strategy there. Perhaps if these lunkheads actually paid as much in taxes as you and I and less in political contributions, their state would be in better shape.