How About Not Killing During Ramadan?

Iranian police shot and killed a 22 year old man because he was eating during Ramadan. The young man, Seyed Mostafa, was driving in his car playing his music loudly when the police saw him eating, obviously a capital offense in Iran. The article reports that the police are actively cracking down on public eating, smoking, and drinking as well as on “lawless elements.”

News flash to Iran, your government is a lawless element. You need to crack down on them. And here is a novel idea; why not practice “not killing” during Ramadan. This is the kind of hypocrisy that we hear all the time when it comes to Islamic Holy Days. The US went to great pains not to start a war during Ramadan, all the while the terrorists were killing people. If it is a Holy Month then perhaps they need to practice being Holy.

This religion of peace gets more violent everyday. Now they are shooting people for eating. Thank God there is no ban on breathing during Ramadan, though that might not be a bad thing.

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One Response to “How About Not Killing During Ramadan?”

  1. Cao says:

    Ramadan is the celebration of the murdering rampages and conquests of Mohammed. They’re just emulating their “prophet”. This ‘religion’ is more like a murdering killing cult, because it doesn’t represent values that include everyone else–they’re taught to kill the infidel–that’s what it says in their holy book. And if someone leaves Islam, they’re considered an ‘infidel’ and targeted for death. Pretty sick. Great post, BD.