How About if You Don’t Inhale?

Hillary Rodham was speaking to an audience at an Iowa forum on cancer and she indicated that she favored a nationwide smoking ban. She did indicate that she felt it should be left up to local jurisdictions but, as with everything else, it would only be a matter of time before the feds used our money to coerce compliance.

When the feds wanted lower speed limits, they left it up to the states and when some states did not lower them, the feds threatened to withhold transportation money. The same will happen to smoking bans. If an area decides not to ban public smoking the feds will threaten to withhold money to force compliance. Once you let the camel get its nose under the tent there is no going back.

Tobacco use is disgusting but it is completely LEGAL. The state and federal governments make a fortune off the taxes that people pay on tobacco. That is the only reason that the nimrods in office have not tried to outlaw it. However, if they really feel tobacco is terrible and should be banned then they should outlaw it. As long as it is legal they should stop telling business owners whether or not smoking is allowed in their establishments. If an owner wants to allow smoking then that is the owner’s choice and the government has no business getting involved. Patrons are free to go elsewhere and people who want to work there can decide if the risk is acceptable. In any event, government should stay out.

I wonder though, is Hillary in favor of banning all smoking substances including those that Bill does not inhale? I also wonder if cigars will be part of the ban. If so, fun time for Bill will be drastically reduced. He might not have to worry though because he knows how to conceal them fairly well.

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One Response to “How About if You Don’t Inhale?”

  1. irtexas44 says:

    I love the dimwit logic, they can’t stop drugs, crime of any kind. They can’t get anything fixed, they certainly can’t do their jobs. So the first thing to rally on is cigarettes. I sure Slick’s Cuban’s are safe.

    I keep telling everyone if it’s not Bush’s fault then it’s cigarette,s fault.

    As of when they left for their vacations on their 100 day per year that they are required to be there job they have had 600+ plus hearings. On what. Just because Leaky Leahy and Weird Waxman think something may be wrong some where. They need to get mental health assistance. With attendance’s of 39% and 38% with only having to work a 100 days per year is certainly a reason for firing to me. I know if I had those percentages I wouldn’t have a job very long.

    They need to start cleaning their own house instead of worrying about everyone else’s.

    Have a good one.