How About All Of Them? Canadians Foil Terror Plot

Charles at Little Green Footballs has an article up about the arrest of a group in Canada who were plotting to commit acts of terror. News reports I heard today indicate this group had three times the amount of explosives used in the Oklahoma bombing. This group intended to blow up targets in and around Toronto. Here is part if the post from LGF:

“I think there are a lot of people here today who should not be involved in this,” said Anser Farooq, a lawyer representing several of the accused. “I think they (the police) cast their net far too wide. We’ve been talking several lawsuits as a result of this action,” he said.

This was the part of the story that struck me first. Let me give some Big Dog advice to Farooq. NONE of these people should have been involved in this. They got caught with three tons of explosives and they were planning to hurt people and destroy things. The peace loving world has no sympathy for these would be killers and this Dog hopes they spend the rest of their lives in jail. Of course, they are innocent until proven guilty but if the evidence and the police are correct, when these guys are found guilty they should be locked away forever.

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One Response to “How About All Of Them? Canadians Foil Terror Plot”

  1. Bosun says:

    It is just but a minor win in this war on terror. We better be vigilant.

    Apparently one of the targets was a high rise office building that housed offices of a Canadian intelligence service. In early press releases from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) there were no targets in the United States and that this group was focusing on Canadian assets. But, just a few minutes later, information that the group may also have been linked to a Georgia Tech college student who was arrested in a couple of months ago and his buddy who was pickup up outside the US and taken back to the US.

    The Canadian terror cell’s 3 tons of ammonium nitrate was of the same type used on April 19, 1995, by American terrorist Timothy McVeigh to bring down the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

    For reference on ammonium nitrate: 1 ton is equal to 1,000 kg. McVeigh used a rented Ryder truck containing about 5,000 pounds (2,300 kg) of explosive material exploded. The effects of the blast could even be felt in Bridge Creek, which is about 30 miles away from the Murrah Building.
    So, as you can see the potential for 3 tons of ammonium nitrate could produce catastrophic results. Imagine how multiple targets could be blown simultaneously. Keep in mind this was just one Canadian terror cell.

    In the world of terrorism, the structure of a terror cell is intended to limit the harm that can be done if members are captured and interrogated. Judging by the amount of explosives and number of persons involved, the Toronto cell was a rather sophisticated. The Toronto cell, by press reports, had 17 jihadists.

    The authorities apparently had the cell under investigation for some time and gave them a long leash to see who else the cell would lead to. Big Dog, I am not going to discount other cells or terrorist activities planned in Canada or the United States.

    This could be another terror gang “who could not shoot straight?” Press coverage and sloppy news leaks regarding the Georgia Tech student and his buddy arrested in Bangladesh and handed over to the FBI appeared in the mainstream media in April along with all the grumblings about “rights violations.” Of course the Georgia Tech story was sandwiched between all the BS rants by the liberals and donk lefti about illegal wiretaps, NSA, number tracking, and other stories contrary to the war on terror.

    Apparently, the Toronto terror cell kept on with their plans until they were arrested yesterday. Which shows me that they were not very bright or cautious when the Georgia Tech student got picked up. What is disturbing with this alleged terror cell, Johnny Jihad from Marin County, California, and the alleged involvement of the following: Adam Yahiye Gadahn the Southern California jihadist, the guy from Georgia Tech and his 19 year old partner, and all of the recent British jihadists that they are for the most part home grown jihadists born and/or raised in the countries that they reject.

    Why are these members of the “religion of peace” radicalizing and trying to destroy the freedom and democracy that they have enjoyed? These jihadists come from all economic.

    Right now, the Brits are still trying to find a chemical suicide belt that they did not find in their raid yesterday when they took down a bomb making factory and arrested to alleged jihadists.

    Be ever vigilant. Terror is going to come here again. Hope we are ready for it.