Houston, You Have A Problem

The city of Houston Texas might be ground zero on a new assault on our rights. The city has ordered (via subpoenas) Pastors to turn over the content of their sermons and they are particularly interested in items that discuss gender neutrality, homosexuality or openly gay Mayor Annise Parker.

Many pastors have expressed opposition to the new non-discrimination law which allows people to use any restroom regardless of their actual sex (the law covers other things as well). A number of liberal bastions have passed such measures even though they are largely opposed by most people.

Liberals are confused and can’t figure out which restroom is the one to use…

In any event, pastors were issued subpoenas when they joined with groups to oppose the legislation. Those groups held a petition drive that generated well more than the number of signatures needed but the city threw out the petition saying it had irregularities.

The only things irregular here (besides the lesbian mayor) are the way the city is trampling on the Constitutional rights of the pastors and the way the city threw out a petition it did not like.

The pastors are covered under the First Amendment. They have a right to free speech and they have a right to practice religion as THEY see fit.

The city does not have the right to harass these pastors because of their beliefs. The city does not have the right to intimidate these pastors because of their beliefs and the city certainly has no right to the sermons of those pastors.

It matters not if the pastors are opposed to homosexuality, the law or any other thing. It is their right to be opposed to something and it is their right to express that opposition.

What we have here is a Nazi Lesbian mayor in Houston how has her boxers in a wad over the opposition to laws and policies. It is also obvious that she is not happy with their opposition to her.

Screw her. They can be opposed and if she does not like it then too bad.

The pastors face fines and jail time if they do not comply but they are not intimidated by those threats. They are willing to take a stand for their rights.

God bless them as they fight the beast that is oppressive government.

If they lose this battle the flood gates will be opened for government to harass any person and to infringe upon their right to free speech and freedom to practice religion.

First they came for the guns and I did nothing because I did not own a gun.

Then they came for free speech and religion and there was no one with a gun to defend me…

Tyranny is only defeated by one thing, unrelenting opposition (by any means necessary).

Todd Starnes via FOX News

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Houston, You Have A Problem”

  1. Blake says:

    I’m a Texan, but I wonder where the lezbo mayor annie parker is from- Wonderland? Perhaps it is that she is just like the other progressives who only tout the Constitution when it suits them and their grasping, venal needs.
    If she really needs to see male parts that badly (or female, for that matter), she can go to any number of strip clubs in Houston to satisfy her unnatural needs.
    She needs to stay away from infringing on others Constitutional rights.