House Passes Energy Bill

No one needs to be reminded that gas prices are through the roof. The left out there will tell you that this is because the Republicans are looking out for their buddies in the oil business. More accurately, we are slaves to foreign oil. We are held hostage to the whims of other countries that produce and export oil. The unfortunate thing is they can cripple us. We have tried for years to get some type of legislation that would allow us to drill on our own property to get oil. Now it appears as if the time has finally come.

When this bill was being debated there were some on the left who did not like what the bill entailed. John Kerry said that President Bush does not have a real solution. Of course we all know Kerry had a plan, he just never told us what the plan was and seems to lack the ability to do so at this time. Kerry does have one idea that revolves around developing new technology to reduce dependance on oil. I agree with the idea but it will be some time before the idea bears fruit so we need oil until then. Kerry could help by getting rid of all the gas guzzeling cars his family owns. Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to the President saying that this legislation was not the answer. Pelosi is from California, where you will recall they have their own energy problems. Her home state can not get its own energy problems in order. They suck power from all over and then have trouble with the bills that come with all the energy use. Maybe Nancy should spend time at home trying to find the “answer” there.

We need other forms of energy. This is a given and as we develop new technologies we will come up with more environmentally friendly and abundant forms of energy. Until that time comes we need to invest in our own oil so that we can stop sending our money to states that sponsor terrorism and who can control our economy by regulating oil prices.

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One Response to “House Passes Energy Bill”

  1. Surfside says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the Dems take pot-shots at any Republican idea, plan or legislation — but they can never seem to come up with a plan or suggestion of their own. Seems to be a recurrent practice for the Libs lately.