Hotter Than Hell In Vegas

Well, Satan’s spawn Harry Reid is from Nevada…

The temperatures in Vegas have hit 115 degrees for several days and at least one person has died from the heat. Is this global warming? Should we have a carbon tax to keep Vegas from frying?

Nah, Nevada is the home of Harry Reid and Vegas is Sin City so it is only right that it is hotter than Hell. The people who voted for Reid deserve to burn in Hell and it looks like they are getting a head start.

I am not too concerned that it is hot in Vegas.

That might be because I am not in Vegas but the way I see it our troops in the Middle East put up with high temperatures all the time and they have no choice in the matter. The folks in Vegas can suck it up and stay someplace cool until the temps go down a bit though it might not hurt to boot Reid out.

Or they could ask Al Gore to come speak about global warming. Seems that everytime he schedules one of those talks it gets cancelled by snow…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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