Holy Shizzle Snoop In The Dog Pound

Snoop Dogg the rap artist (if you can really call what he does art) was arrested along with his entourage at London’s Heathrow Airport after they reverted to their street gang roots and caused a near riot. Accounts indicate that Dogg and his folks were denied access to the First Class lounge because some of them did not have first class tickets. So they did what any model citizen would do, they smashed display cases in the duty free shop and broke liquor bottles all over the place. Seven police officers were injured while arresting the infamous Dogg gang.

Dogg, who reminded up that he was inspired by Tookie Williams (and this shows the extent of that influence) was held down by four police officers while they attempted to cuff him. While they were being frog-marched out one of the gang members shouted “This is how it goes down in LA.” I wonder if he meant that gang thugs who do not get their way cause civil unrest or that gang members who cause civil unrest get arrested. In LA, both are probably true.

It is a shame that a person who made it out of the gutter to earn a lot of money can not act like a human being. It is a shame that this guy had to go to another country and show America in all its glory. This kind of activity from rappers is what caused the East Coast/West Coast rivalries that ended the lives of many rappers. I guess Snoop will not be happy until someone caps his ass and he gets a dirt nap. I guess I should not expect much from a guy who was arrested for murder and was part of a gang that was involved in many crimes.

There is no truth to the rumor that Snoop Doggy Dogg is marrying Winnie the Pooh. But if he does will his name be Snoop Doggy Dogg Pooh? Looks like Snoop will spend some time in a Dogg cage in England I hope the Brits give them about 6 months in the slammer. Maybe they can tie it to terror in an airport and send them to Club Gitmo. Then the Brits can say “This is how it goes down in UK.”

Source: London Evening Standard

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