Hollywood Libs Want Lower Taxes

Liberals, particularly wealthy ones, are always screaming about the need for higher taxes. The wealthy love when taxes are increased because they generally find a way to pay less than the average person in this country.

Liberals scream for higher taxes to fuel the beast of government and then do things to avoid paying them. This includes moving to tax friendly states like Texas. The problem is that liberals run from the hell holes they created and then infect their new digs with the same brand of liberal lunacy that they tried to escape. It is like all the aliens who come here and then demand that we do things the way they did them in their home nation.

If you like it that way then don’t leave.

The Hollywood wealthy are begging the state of California to lower taxes in a move to keep the film industry in the state. It seems that many other places are offering tax incentives for the industry to move.

Liberals in Hollywood know they can’t compete so they want the state to step in and make staying more appealing.

The question I have for these liberals is if lower taxes is an incentive for you to stay then does that not mean lower taxes are good and will cause people not to look for a way out?

And if that is the case why do you continually scream for higher taxes?

After all, won’t lower taxes for everyone (and not just you liberal elites) provide incentive for everyone (people and businesses alike) to stay and contribute rather than looking for the exit?

Government has to be paid for so taxes are a necessary evil. But if we make everyone pay their fair share (like 10% for all income) and limit government by making it smaller and getting it out of our lives won’t it need less of people’s hard earned money?

And won’t people then have a reason to stay and contribute rather than suckle at the teat of government (read the taxpayer)?

If you don’t think so then please quit whining and for goodness sake don’t go to a tax friendly state and take your liberal madness there.

They don’t want it and do fine without it.

Otherwise you would not be worried about losing industry to them…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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