Hollywood Helps Change Perceptions Of Women

Surfside and I have discussed how Hollywood puts out products to push their values and ideas on the public. Their new show about a female president (a moderated played by a very liberal actor) is nothing more than a free add for Hillary Clinton. They hope to soften the public’s view of a woman in the White House and they are going to make this character look a hell of a lot like the newly made over Ms. Clinton. They hope that when people go to the polls in 2008 they vote based upon the images beamed to them from Hollywood.

I have noticed a trend for quite some time of women being made more than they can in real life. Many of the action films show women beating up scores of men and showing strength that equals or surpasses the men in the films. Before I get hate email, let me say that I know there are women who are stronger than men. I know there are women who are more athletic than men. I also know that this is the exception rather than the norm. Physiologically, women can not attain the muscle mass and strength that men can. This is a fact. This is one of the reasons that physical fitness standards for many organizations, including the armed forces, are much lower for a woman than for a man. For example, if a man my age did the maximum number of sit-ups, push-ups and best time for a 2 mile run based upon a woman’s standards that man would fail based upon the men’s standards. Yet, a woman who achieved those standards would be deemed more physically fit and combat ready than the man.

This article points out how many films have given women the upper edge when it comes to strength and fighting. The films often show women able to take the same beating that a man can. Films like G I Jane just hype a cause that could not, with very few exceptions, exist. Yet Hollywood makes these films to give us gender equality. In addition, the commercials that they are showing almost always includes a stupid man with a bright woman. Throw in sit coms where men are made to look like fools who only make it because of their smart female counterpart and a pattern begins to emerge.

This is from Surfside based upon an article at Fox News:

A male nurse in Bangor, Maine, is suing his former hospital for sexual harassment — saying he was tired of the female staff complaining about men. Daniel Lufkin also says he was subjected to physical humiliation, denied opportunities for advancement, and told to shut up by female co-workers when he tried to offer an opinion — all because he’s a man. An attorney for the hospital denies that anyone treated him unfairly, but Lufkin says constant complaints that “men are jerks” and “men are idiots” were more than he could take.

The unfortunate thing is that this goes on all the time. Comments are routinely made about men, and some of them by well known people. If those same comments were made about women there would be hell to pay. People would be fired or forced to go to indoctrination sensitivity training. Look at what Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said about John Roberts, President Bush’s nominee for the SCOTUS.

“He’s good in every way but he’s not a woman.”

Imagine what would have happened many years ago if the same comment (in reverse) had been made about her when she was nominated. The person making the comment would have been insensitive to women, would have been asked to resign and would have paid hell. Yet, O’Connor gets a pass. She does however, show why we are happy she is leaving the bench. She assumes that somewhere in the Constitution there is a clause that says the sex of a person should play into the selection process. Perhaps if Reagan had paid more attention to her qualifications and less to her sex we might have had a better justice.

I will likely receive comments from people who look at this post as a rant against women. That is not the case. This is about the attempts of parts of our society to create an androgynous society by ignoring the differences between the sexes. I personally like the fact that men and women are different and believe that God made it that way for a reason.

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