Holder Wants Help Spying

Of course it is all for the children.

Eric The Red Holder spoke at the Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online and he said that the new encryption used on electronic devices will lock law enforcement out and hamper their ability to investigate and gather evidence.

The whole Idea is to lock government (in this case the police) out of our devices.

Holder is concerned because the encryption prevents cellular companies from accessing the data that is encrypted and he wants some kind of back door to allow law enforcement to enter. Sorry pal, you don’t get access to everyone’s stuff just because some folks use the things illegally. If you want the information you will have to find another way to get it.

Holder is concerned because it is for the children. Here is an idea, lock the child molesters and pedophiles up and throw away the key. If some person has thousands of photos and videos as Holder claims then that person is not new at this and has likely been at odds with the law.

Even if they have not then it is up to the police to gather evidence and find a way to get into that person’s device.

Sounds harsh but while Holder can claim it is for the children what will stop the police from using the back door to access tons of things? Suppose they arrest a person for drug activity. What would stop them from accessing a device and getting all the contacts on the phone and then investigating those people for drug activity? How many people who have nothing to do with that illegal activity will be the focus of police because they used the back door to a device? There are far too many ways for this to be abused to warrant allowing it.

Holder made his case by describing some child predator that has thousands of items in a cloud and lamented that the cops can’t access it.

Well they can. Cloud storage can be accessed (as stated right in the article where Holder described the alleged problem) so there is no reason to access any device through some police only entrance.

The government is involved in far too much spying on its own citizens and what Holder wants would only allow more of it to happen.

Stay out of our stuff and stay out of our lives.

When you catch a bad guy doing bad things put him in jail and LEAVE him there. Smarmy lawyers like Holder work with the system to allow these cretins to go free and then cry when they commit the same crimes over and over.

How about we have a citizen only back door into government devices so we can keep track on the criminals residing there?

Maybe this would have prevented Holder from running guns and working with the IRS to target political foes.

Hell, maybe we could have retrieved some of those emails that were conveniently lost.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Holder Wants Help Spying”

  1. Blake says:

    Holder is a POS who has spent his whole career trying to stymie American policing efforts except when it relates to his welfare- the fact that another POS, Obammy named him to AG is just another in a long line of progressive puns on sane reasoning.