Hold NAACP’s Doc Cheatham to His Word

In the middle part of November a noose was found at a Baltimore City fire station by two paramedics, one black and one white. According to Henry Burris, the president of the Vulcan Blazers, a black firefighters group, there was a note with the noose that read; “We can’t hang the cheaters but we can hang the failures.” This was evidently in reference to a promotion exam given in the fire department in which several blacks placed in the top of the people who took the test. There were allegations that the test was leaked and that cheating was involved.

This noose, of course, caused a big stink. Nooses are taboo in our society because they bring up memories about a terrible past that no one alive today has been forced to live. Black leaders all over were indignant about this crime. Baltimore Mayor Shelia Dixon said that the hanging of the noose was a “deplorable act of hatred and intimidation.” WBAL Radio

Marvin “Doc” Cheatham, president of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP is an interesting character who sees racism in everything and makes allegations but is never man enough to apologize when he is off the mark has trouble learning from his mistakes. Last May it was alleged that a Moose head in a fire station had an afro wig, gold tooth, gold chain and a cigarette hanging from its mouth. Cheatham discussed the racism and how horrible this was and gave his usual white people are bad mantra. However, a firefighter called in to a radio station and said it was a deer head, had a straight hair wig and that a black guy put the gold tooth in it. Cheatham refused to apologize for his accusations and statements and had this to say; “there is now and has been a culture of racism and white supremacy within the Baltimore City Fire Department.” WBAL Radio

Why is this important? Because Doc Cheatham chimed in on the discovery of the noose. He indicated that the noose was evidently a message about the probe into the exam and possible cheating and then he said:

“We’re going to demand that this be handled as a hate crime,” Cheatham said. “This thing really needs to end here in Baltimore city.”

So, not content that he blew it with the “moose head” Cheatham is demanding that this be treated as a hate crime and that it “end here.” I could not agree more and I am holding Doc Cheatham to his words though that might be tough since he has never been man enough to stand for the right thing. You see, it was discovered that a BLACK paramedic hung the noose. Cheatham never considered that it could have been a black guy because only whites are racist hate mongers.

Yep, that slap is going to leave a mark. It was reported that Gary Maynard (identified as Donald in another story), one of the two who found the noose, confessed to police that he left the noose and the note (it was a noose when they found it and was reported as a rope now that a black guy confessed). Maynard has been suspended but has not been charged with a crime (you know a white guy would have been charged right away) but I am demanding that he be charged with the hate crime that Doc Cheatham demanded it be “handled as.” Fire Chief William Goodwin stated that this scheme was “meant to create the perception that members within our department were acting in a discriminatory and unprofessional manner.”

Therefore, it was designed to create an atmosphere of racial hatred and intolerance. So it was a hate crime and I DEMAND that it be treated as such just as Cheatham demanded when he thought the perp was white. I want this guy to lose his job, to have to attend racial diversity training and to be given whatever jail time is permitted and would have been given if he were white.

I am taking bets that Cheatham will dismiss this and go back on his demand that it be handled as a hate crime. He will somehow try to blame it on white people in the department for making this guy feel so bad that he put up the noose to draw attention to the plight of blacks in the department. I am willing to bet that Cheatham will NOT pursue this as he would have if a white guy confessed.

Cheatham will, instead, find a way to show how this proves there is a racial divide in the Baltimore fire department that needs to be corrected.

Perhaps he could start by explaining why black firefighters have their own group (Vulcan Blazers) and then demand it be abolished as racist and separatist, or perhaps he could explain if the evil white guys have their own firefighter’s group as a balance.

In any event Cheatham needs to stick with his original demand. If he does not he will be nothing more than a race hustler like Sharpton and Jackson (an opinion I have held of him for some time).

Then again, saying he is in the NAACP and a race hustler might be redundant.

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun has the story and of course refer to the noose as a “knotted rope.” I bet that description would not fly in Jena, LA. Mayor Dixon thinks that since a black guy did it, it is “not a threat of that nature.” So, since a black guy did it, it is not as bad?

Marvin “Doc” Cheatham did not let me down. He blamed the acts of the criminal on the Fire Department:

But Marvin L. “Doc” Cheatham, president of the NAACP’s Baltimore chapter, said the fact that such an incident could occur shows that pervasive racial problems persist in the department.

“It really saddens us to hear that evidently things have reached a stage that even an African-American does an injustice to himself and his own people as a result of a negative culture in that department,” Cheatham said when asked to respond to the unions.

Cheatham is definitely a race hustler.

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2 Responses to “Hold NAACP’s Doc Cheatham to His Word”

  1. King Groundhog says:

    Apparently, the good Doctor favors a world wherein placing a noose should be a capital offense but his brand of RAHOW should be the ideal.

  2. Baltimore no more says:

    Bravo, Baltimore has turned into a city of corruption and no one seems to care about all of the reverse discrimination in this city.