Hitman Max Blumenthal and the Party of Tolerance

Max Blumenthal of the Nation was on MSNBC in an apparent attempt to discredit Republicans with regard to Ann Coulter’s comment about John Edwards (in which she made reference to the word faggot) and Marine Corporal Matt Sanchez. It appears that Sanchez, who has been on many Conservative programs and was pictured with prominent Conservatives at the recent CPAC, has a past of acting in gay porn movies and being a gay escort. Evidently, this is in his past and not the life he currently lives.

Max Blumenthal and the other Liberals are supposed to be from the party of tolerant people and who live and let live, love the one you’re with, peace out and all that jazz. The sexuality of a person does not matter to these people, unless of course the person in question is a Republican. We saw this during the Mark Foley incident where Liberals beat up the Republican Party up after the Democrats had, years earlier, applauded one of their own who actually had sexual relations with a young man. I pointed out at the time that Democrats get a pass because they have no values. Since the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of family values it takes a greater hit whenever an incident occurs. Democrats seem to forget that as humans we all have failings and we all sin. Unfortunately, they only forgive and forget when it comes to their own. Actually, the forget because Democrats never need to be forgiven for their transgressions.

I do not excuse wrong doing, though I believe in forgiveness. I did not excuse Foley for what he did and I do not excuse Bill Clinton for what he did. Therein lies the major difference. Republicans will call out a person who does wrong no matter what party that person belongs to, and are especially hard on their own. In the MSNBC hit job Blumenthal basically outs Matt Sanchez by bringing up an issue that I am sure Sanchez would like to leave behind him. He does this for one reason and one reason only and that is to discredit Republicans who championed Sanchez for his Conservative views. Blumenthal makes the statement that Republicans will throw Sanchez under the bus now that they know about him. I don’t think this is the case and Michelle Malkin has weighed in on this. David Horowitz has weighed in and has taken Blumenthal to task on his manner of reporting.

Max Blumenthal is like a smaller, whinier, more feminine version of Michael Moore. Blumenthal shows up and shoves a camera in people’s faces and then after he is done he edits the film to show his slanted perspective. He is nothing more than a video version of the National Enquirer. His piece filmed at the CPAC is designed to make the participants look bad. Blumenthal infers things that have not been said (or have been taken out of context) and he tries to show the Republicans as a party of white racists who hate gays and everything else that is not white bread, old boy, Christian and redneck. He attacked Michelle Malkin and several others at the conference and then used his video to make them look bad. Selective editing is a wonderful thing and, as Michael Moore has discovered, it can make one very wealthy.

I do not care about Matt Sanchez’s past because that is his business and it is something he will need to reconcile on his own. If his past is an issue with the Marines then he will have to bear the brunt of the military policy toward gay service members. There is a law that covers gays in the military and whatever they decide to do, within the purview of the law, is what Sanchez will have to deal with. But that does not diminish his service or his stance on the way the military has been treated at colleges. Just as Bill Clinton’s infidelity did not diminish the things the left feels he did that were good for this country. Once again, the Republican must suffer a different standard from the Max Blumenthal’s of the world and his minions in the tolerant party.

There are many gay people in the Republican Party and there is a group called the Log Cabin Republicans. I do not agree with that lifestyle but I m not going to throw anyone under a bus because they live it. They will have to face judgment for their decisions just as the rest of us, and that is between them and God. Unfortunately, people on the left like Max Blumenthal are not able to understand this and go out of their way to out people and make an issue out of their lives. I wonder where the Liberal uproar is over this outing. I am talking about the same uproar that was present when Wild Bill outed Jordan Edmund as the “child” with whom Foley was playing footsie. Blumenthal did to Sanchez what people did to the Jews in Nazi Germany. He exposed something that might cause harm (though in this case it is emotional not physical) and embarrassment to him and his family for personal gain or favor. The major difference is that in Nazi Germany, a guy with the name Blumenthal who was outed would be taken for a shower.

Clint Eastwood once told Michael Moore that if he [Moore] ever showed up at Eastwood’s house and shoved a camera in his face he [Eastwood] would kill him. I can not say that I would kill Max Blumenthal (or take him to a shower) but if he ever walked up to me and shoved a camera in my face the way he did to people at the CPAC it is likely that he would go home with a camera strategically placed in a body orifice. I will be at the Gathering of Eagles on 17 March, should premier journalist Max like to test this issue.

It is unfortunate that people such as Blumenthal get any attention because he obviously has such low self esteem that he craves being in the spotlight. His mommy probably did not give him enough attention and maybe he is paving a path to come out of his own closet. Wild Bill has the videos posted at his site and you can see them there. Notice how Max questions Coulter about how she is not married (more accurately, has had three failed engagements). Does it make any difference that Coulter is not married? For a guy from the party that supposedly believes in choice, it is hard to believe that he can’t see that there is a choice not to get married as well.

Maybe it is not so hard to believe when you understand that Liberals have blinders to equality and are not so tolerant after all.

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One Response to “Hitman Max Blumenthal and the Party of Tolerance”

  1. Thomas Jackson says:

    I am not one of those who buy into the Left’s attempts to elevate pederasts to sacred cow status. If they believe that child molesters are acceptable to the nation they should campaign under that plank. Coulter doesn’t allow the Left to push its NEW SPEAK on us. She calls a spade a spade. Too bad there are so few conservatives who have the balls to stand up to the lies, especially the BIG LIES.