His Mistake, Not Being An Illegal Alien

Michael Robert Smith escaped from jail 38 years ago and has been doing odd jobs since. He could never get a driver’s license so he had to do odd jobs. He figured that the police had stopped looking for him a long time ago but they did not. He was captured this past week. I guess he is screwed because he is not an ILLEGAL alien. If he were the government would say that he had been here a long time and should not be forced to go back. He deserves a path to a clean record and, well let’s just say it, amnesty. He was in our country ILLEGALLY because he should have been in jail (though he would probably have been released by now) but if he pays a fine and goes to jail for one day he can reapply to be free.

Here is another interesting thing. The NYT and every other DBM outlet likes to print our secrets and tip off the terrorists. Here is what the person who put together the pieces that led to Smith’s capture had to say:

“The truth is, we never stop looking for these people,” said department spokeswoman Terry Thornton. She refused to explain how Foster found the men, saying she didn’t want to tip off future escaped convicts.

We only tell terrorists how to avoid us and how we are finding them. Common criminals, well we have to keep that locked up tighter than Fort Knox.

I am not one to excuse criminal behavior and I think this guy should get whatever the state figures is best. Since he has not had a run in with the law in 38 years they might just let him go, who knows? I do think that if we are going to give ILLEGALS a chance at amnesty for breaking the law and sneaking around the country ILLEGALLY the least we can do for Smith is give him the same consideration.

Source: MSNBC

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