His Marriage Was A Death Sentence?

A 28 year Florida man was arrested after he fabricated a story about killing someone in hope that his wife would leave him. Teddy Akin found a wallet belonging to Dennis Allen of Utah and turned it in as part of his grand scheme. After police interviewed him the story unraveled and his plan was ruined. Police contacted Allen to ensure he was in fact alive. Allen stated he lost his wallet while in Florida.

This guy wanted to be free from his wife so he concocted a story that could have resulted in him being sent to jail and thus losing his freedom. This guy is one smart thinker. And what does this say about his wife? She must be one winner if he was so willing to go to jail to get away from her.

Here is some advice. If you no longer want to be with your spouse then file for divorce. I am no advocate for divorce but it beats breaking the law to get out of a bad marriage. It looks like this numb nuts will just be required to pay for the cost of searching for the non-existent body.

Link to story.

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