Hillary’s Socialist Ways “I will Take Your Money”

At the risk of sounding sad but entertaining to those who drink Hillary Clinton’s dirty bath water, I will continue to attack her socialist views and show how she believes she knows better what to do with your money than you do. I know there are those who, despite mounds of evidence, will say that I attack her (or her husband) based on unsubstantiated items with little evidence. There is plenty of evidence to show Hillary believes in socialism. There is plenty of evidence to show Hillary believes that you should give a huge sum of your money to the government so that the government can run people’s lives. The latest is her new assertion that she thinks the government should garnish wages of those who refuse to buy health care coverage. This came out of her mouth but there are those who will say there is no evidence she said it.

All the Democrats have talked about universal health care and every plan involves taking the choice away from people and putting it in the government’s hands. The government will extort more money from everyone who pays taxes (that is their definition of rich) and they will spend it on an expensive health care plan that will cost more money than we have to pay. The plans will take away choice and will force people to buy something they might not want.

One only needs to ask the question; “Is it right for the government to tell you what you have to buy?” I know many liberals think that is fine but it is not. It violates the Constitution and it denies people the freedom of choice. What next? Will the government tell families that they may only have 2 children and must abort further pregnancies or pay a huge fine?

Hillary Clinton said that she would go after the profits of oil companies (definitely un-American), and that she will provide everything for people. Now she is saying that if a person refuses to get health care coverage the government will garnish wages to make it happen. This is not only Socialist, it is Communist as well. I can envision a future where we are told who to vote for and watched as we vote in a fair and secret election designed to give people like Hillary lifetime jobs.

I don’t care how one looks at this it is wrong. Any person who thinks it is OK for the government to do this is not a true American and does not deserve to live in this country. Anyone who believes that the government should be allowed to garnish wages to force compliance with health care or anything else is a Communist and should be beaten to death. If you want to do something, make people pay their bills. If you go to the hospital and have no money then you pay it off over time or you lose your property to collection. People buy cars on time so they can pay for their health over time, especially of they just choose not to get it. It is called personal responsibility, something most liberals lack.

I have health insurance so this will not affect me except that my taxes will be going to pay for the health care of others. If Hillary can take your money for this what is to stop her from taking your money by force to coerce you to do what she thinks is best? Screw her. I don’t need her to tell me how to live and what to spend my money on and neither does any other real American.

I would hope this country would have another armed revolution before it let that happen.

Some apologist will make excuses or say it is a good idea. That just adds one more person to the list of those who should be beaten to death.

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7 Responses to “Hillary’s Socialist Ways “I will Take Your Money””

  1. ThinkingMeat says:

    Big Dog: Moral Imbecile…

    Big Dog continues to demonstrate that he is a moral imbecile:

    Anyone who believes that the government should be allowed to garnish wages to force compliance with health care or anything else is a Communist and should be beaten to death.

    If an…

  2. Schatzee says:

    A moral imbecile? Meatbrain is an ass. Unfortunately those of us of high moral fiber also believe in personal responsibility which is obviously something this guy (and his dimwitted parents) knows little or nothing about. It is not my job or the country’s job to take care of everyone here. It is each individual’s responsibility to do that and if we could teach more of that and less of the “everyone gets a prize” crap this country would be much better off.

    I remember reading something about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness being our rights. I didn’t see a thing in there about healthcare or that it’s one person’s right to use another’s hard earned money to pay for it. This is ridiculous liberal pandering to the “down trodden” as always. Healthcare COVERAGE is not a right. Everyone has access to healthcare and if they can’t pay for it, like BD said you can pay it over time just like your car, or your big screen, or whatever.

    I am sickened by the way the government is spending my money as it is. I pay for public schools, yet I don’t have any children in them. I pay for welfare and WIC yet I have never used their services. I pay for Social Security and doubt that I will get to those benefits either. It’s time people took their hands out of my pocket. If the libs are so concerned about national healchare, let them pay for it.

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  4. Sunny says:

    Wow…I hope you’re an aethiest. It’s obvious someone didn’t love you enough when you were little.

    Paying extra taxes to make sure you and your neighbors are cared for medically is not going to rob you of your liberties. No soldiers in red will be banging down your door…I promise. What are you afraid of? It’s ok. It’s ok to pay a little extra to make sure the son of the gas station attendant gets the same medical care as the son of the CEO. Anything else is immoral…

    I pray that you find peace from whatever happened to you.

  5. Big Dog says:

    Amazing Sunny,
    You are unable to see that it is immoral to take my money and use it for someone else. They already do that with Medicare and Medicaid, two programs that are poorly run and cost a fortune.

    I should not have to pay for the gas station attendant’s health care. I pay for my own kid’s health care.

    What next? Will they take some of my money to buy the kid a house because he deserves one like the CEO.

    I was raised properly. I was raised to take care of my obligations and to be responsible. You should try that yourself.

  6. bill31 says:

    i think it’s amazing how many people these days think it’s okay to punish the successful and hard working by insisting they pay for the less successful. ANY person, ANY person can go to college, study and work hard to earn a degree. this in turn will land them a successful job and living. we need to teach people to work and study hard, desire to be successful. settle for nothing less than always moving ahead.
    healthcare, a nice car, a nice house, a quality standard of living is a personal choice to embrace. no one owes anyone a damn thing, and certainly, no successful person should be forced to help those with less successful desires in life.

    successful people don’t become that way because they picked the lucky number from the hat…they become successful because they have an undying drive to be the best and pass that will onto their children.

  7. bill31 says:

    one more thing…the topic of gas prices is a hot one. my theory, we as americans have become accustomed to cheap oil and gas..yes i said it.
    we buy oil from opec, mostly countries which haven’t liked us in decades, we have emerging oil demands from china and india. we have a very very very useless and moronic idea of ethanol….hey, let’s use our food as fuel…not only that, let’s use fossil fuels to make our food into fuel…hmm, wonder why gas it still so expensive? then we’ll realize that we can’t run as far on ethanol, have to buy more more frequently. sure, the pump price may actually display lower numbers than a gallon of gas, but after we calculate our actual ethanol comsumption commensurate with gas, we realize how dumb we are.

    tell congress we want to drill and build more refineries here in the u.s. tell opec to find another customer like us, we’re tired of the high prices.

    let’s stop thinking with our emotions, and think with our brains.