Hillary’s Epiphany

Hillary Clinton was recently interviewed when she was up with the 10th Mountain Division pretending to love the troops. This interview revolved around how she would handle, and does she lose sleep over, the idea that her failed years in the White House might come back to haunt her when her rivals start hitting hard. Clinton said she does not lose sleep and that this does not bother her. It probably does not because she believes that whatever she and her hubby did was good and that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is out to get them. I take what she says about such things with a grain of salt but she did make one comment that is very telling. She said:

“I’ve decided this country is worth fighting for,” she said, adding she is “distraught” about the last six years under President Bush. USA Today

Discount the part about Bush because that is the liberal mantra. Look at that first sentence. Here is a woman of nearly 60 years and she has just now decided that this country is worth fighting for. The fact that my country is worth fighting for is something that has been second nature since I was old enough to think independently. American veterans know this country is worth fighting for and those conservatives from all over recognize the same thing and would stand shoulder to shoulder to ward off an invasion. Hillary, apparently, never had the benefit of this in her upbringing.

I suppose one should expect this from a person who has spent her adult life pushing for socialism. Hillary is part of that anti war crowd that dates back to her college days during Vietnam and her days in the White House where her loathe for the military was well known. It is also interesting to note that Hillary is not talking about fighting a foreign enemy when she says this country is worth fighting for. No, what she means is “I think it is worth me fighting to become president.” She feels that the country needs to be fought for against a person like George W Bush but she does not share those same feelings when it comes to the real enemies of this country. She would very happy to have our troops cut and run (at least while the polls are on her side) and that folks, is not fighting for your country.

Hillary, I know this country is worth fighting for. I have known it since I was a very young child and that is because I was raised by decent people who had a respect for the greatness of this country. I know this country is worth fighting for against all enemies foreign and domestic. You are only interested in fighting those who are your enemies. You are a self centered egotistical elitist who cares not a bit about this great nation. You only care what you can do to stroke your own ego.

This country is worth fighting for and real Americans have known that for a long, long time. The fact that you just had this epiphany shows that you are an anti American poser. Our country is worth fighting for against all enemies whether they be internal or external.

Our wonderful troops can handle the external enemies. Those of us at home will handle the internal ones and we will start with you.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Hillary’s Epiphany”

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  2. Virginia says:

    Amen. We need to stand together. Hillary has always been a two face lying tard, I have a couple of family member who live in Arkansas, they know how Hillary and Bill are… crooks is what they are and will say anything to get elected. They have their knife ready to stab plenty of people in the back, or make them disappear.