Hillary’s Birthday is Just Another Reason to Break the Law

There will be a big gala next week to celebrate the 60th birthday of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the next Queen of America and ruler of all her subjects, you know, the little people. This will be a star studded event that might actually bring in between 1 and 2 million dollars for her campaign. Billy Crystal will be the emcee (who ever heard of this for a friggin Senator) and he will, no doubt, be funny with his dated humor. Elvis Costello will be singing but I am not sure who is responsible for bringing the weed and the bongs but my guess is Bill is handling the show girls (literally).

What I am wondering is if Hillary will violate any laws like she did when they threw a big fund raising bash to raise money for her Senate run while honoring her hubby. I do not know if any of you have heard this story but Hillary is on tape committing several felonies with regard to election law. Of course, she lied about having any knowledge of the events but she is on video and it is quite obvious that she was well aware of the events and that she solicited a performance by Cher, a violation of the law.

So has Hillary been involved in planning this event? Has she solicited any donations in violation of the law? I am quite sure she has just as she did the last time. The previous event is tied up in the courts but the prosecutors and judges were appointed by Bubba so they will likely not uphold the law. The video and her association with Hsu all add up to deliberate graft and criminal behavior.

Folks, she thinks she is above the law. Her crimes are documented with letters, video, and news stories. She is guilty as sin, though sin has a different meaning for the Clinton clan.

Rob Reiner, the left wing lunatic from Hollyweird will be throwing her a smaller party the next day where donors with deeper pockets will attend. Reiner played Mike on All in the Family and Archie always called him Meat Head. At least that part of the show was accurate.

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2 Responses to “Hillary’s Birthday is Just Another Reason to Break the Law”

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  2. irtexas44 says:

    Why should this be any other day in the life of her HRH? I do not watch her on TV because she makes me ill. From the news reports she flipped to another direction yesterday.

    I still say that as far as the Clintonistas are concerned they are above the law. We can only hope some one rolls on them like all of OJ’s friends are doing.