Hillary, You Slay Me!

Sometimes when you need a good laugh, you can count on the Clintons. Yesterday at the first “official” fundraiser to kick off her campaign for the 2006 senatorial election, Hillary said some pretty funny things. Of course, you first had to deal with the concept that she actually decided to hold a fundraiser in New York — and not her pseudo-state of California. She’s already held a couple of fundraisers there. Big Dog wrote an insightful post regarding her most recent California bash.

Speaking to the Manhattan crowd, Hillary waxed shades of Howard Dean. She was on the roll! Here’s what Hillary said:

“There has never been an administration … more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda. … it’s frustrating for me: Why can’t the Democrats do more to stop them? I can tell you this: It’s very hard to stop people who have no shame about what they’re doing. … It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth.” — from Special Report with Brit Hume, FNC

“Abusing power to further their own agenda,” and “No shame in what they’re doing?” Now, that alone could send one into peals of laughter. But, to follow it with the line “It is very hard to stop people who have never been acquainted with the truth?” Ah, Hillary, you’re killing me! Did you write these lines after you rolled out of bed yesterday morning and looked at the man next to whom you were sleeping? You’re in the wrong field, Hill. You should really try comedy.

To make this all the more hilarious, hubby Bill was interviewed by FNC’s Greta Van Sustern the same night. It was the Clintons’ political version of “good cop, bad cop.” Bill played the benevolent senior statesman. He told Greta what good people the Bushes were and how the spirit of cooperation should prevail for the sake of the country. Here’s what Bill said last night on TV:

“I just made up my mind when I left office that I would try to, you know, give President Bush the benefit of the doubt, and I would try to understand what he was doing, and he was uncommonly gracious to me and Hillary and our family, at the portrait unveiling, so we’ve established what I think is a very good personal relationship. I don’t ask him to give up his political convictions, he doesn’t ask me to give up mine. He makes his position clear, I make mine clear. But when we work, when we can work together, we do. That’s how I think the country should work.” — from an interview with Greta Van Sustern, On The Record

In another effective strategy by the Clintons, they each played to their respective audiences: Hillary stoked the fires of the party faithful, while Bill wooed the conservative crowd. In its contradiction, the strategy was humorous — yet brilliant. Yesterday, it was the comedy team off Bill and Hill; but, it would be fatal mistake for any conservative politician to underestimate the craft of the Clinton duo.

Update From Big Dog: Of The Mind has a similar take on this. Great minds think alike.

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