Hillary Will Move Back To The Left

The Daily Kos website ran an unscientific poll about the 2008 democratic hopefuls. Hillary Clinton did not fare so well. This might be a sign that the hard left is not thrilled about her pretending to be a moderate. This is from News Max:

A new poll of left-leaning Democrats shows Hillary Clinton badly trailing her 2008 presidential rivals, with Wesley Clark, Russ Feingold and John Edwards all getting more support.

The poll of 10,000 readers to the most widely trafficked Democrat blog, the Daily Kos, shows Gen. Clark is the 2008 frontrunner, with 34 percent support.

Sen. Russ Feingold comes in second with 19 percent

Behind him – John Kerry’s former running mate John Edwards gets 10 percent.

Bringing up the rear, Hillary Clinton gets a tiny 8 percent support. And the trend shows her popularity fading – she got 10 percent in June.

“This isn’t a scientific poll of the Democratic Party rank and file,” reminds Koz. “But it’s a pretty darn accurate poll of the sentiments of the Daily Kos community. 10,000+ respondents is nothing to sneeze at.”

Hillary may still be wildly popular with Democrats at large. But it’s the Moveon.org types who flock to web sites like Kos who will have a huge say in the primary process. And that’s bad news for Mrs. Clinton.

As for John Kerry, they like him even less. He got just 3 percent in the Kos poll. News Max

It will not be long before the “pro-defense” Hillary Clinton starts to waffle on that issue. She will now turn back to the left where she has spent all of her life until she saw the prize. She knows that she can not win as a radical lefty so she moved to the center and tried to appease the moderate vote. This upset her base who loves her for the lib that she is. So what is a girl to do? She will move back to that base. She never intended to abandon her beliefs, just fool others into voting for her.

Watch and see.

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