Hillary Whitewashes Her Web Site

Hillary Clinton has taken down all the negative campaign ads and memos that have anything to do with criticizing Barack Obama. The two supposedly unified the party in Unity New Hampshire and have buried the hatchet (though Clinton would probably like to bury it in Obama’s back).

This is probably nothing new but it is hard to tell because the web has not played as great role in presidential campaigns as it has this year. Past candidates toyed with it but this campaign season marked a new high in web site use by candidates. In the past Democratic candidates relied on the MSM to stop showing items from contenders so that there would be no opposition from within the party.

Obama and the DNC worried all along that Clinton’s words would be used against Obama in the general election and, of course, they still will. Her site was not the only one that contained the memos and video ads and they will certainly surface again during the Summer.

I am sure Hillary had to do this in order to secure money from Obama to settle her campaign debts. While I don’t think this is surprising or even out of the ordinary it makes one wonder how Clinton could have viewed Obama so negatively back then but so favorably now.

Maybe it is because it is all about politics and the Democrats will lie, cheat and steal in order to win.

Washington Times

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