Hillary Transformation Part II

Hillary Clinton

H illary Clinton is working on her bid for the White House. She has not come out and said it but the writing is on the wall. I know that she has made some statements recently that leaves no doubt that she is planning on running. She has suddenly become a conservative evangelical Christian. But this started before the last election. Ms. Clinton gave a speech in September where she told everyone how honored she was to be on the Armed Services Committee. This is the same Hillary Clinton who refused to allow the military staff in the White House to wear their uniforms. The same woman who used the military as her personal servants. The same woman who talked badly about the military. Yet, now she is honored to serve for them.

Right! In her speech she talks about how thinly the Guard and Reserve is spread. Oh, a dig at George Bush and “his” war. Well let me say this Ms. Clinton. The overwhelming majority of our Guard and reserve are honored to serve this country. They knew what they faced by joining but they did so willingly. The serve because they love the nation. They are not in it for the money like some history revisionist former First Ladies and their book deals. They do not make miraculous stock market investments and live off the little people. They get little pay to serve this nation.

The last thing they need is some self serving Senator talking about how much she cares for them while backtracking from a past of loathe and contempt for them. You and your liberal buddies need to get the hell out of the way and let the real Patriots do what they are trained to do. Remember folks, the military was cut to the bone under her husband’s administration. This is the man who downsized the military and deployed it all over the World to distract the American population from the Monica fiasco. Remember, I told you all along that she would transform. She is now a person who has been a duck hunter (ala Kerry), she tried to join the Army (Like that ever happened. Perhaps she could find us an enlistment contract), she cares about the military, is now for tougher immigration laws (though she is right in what she says it is not what she believes), and she is a conservative evangelical Christian!

I think that from now on she should be known as the chameleon because she changes colors to fit the background. Remember all of this when the time comes to decide in 2008. It is not too early to expose this imposter for what she really is.

Read her speech here.

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