Hillary To Get Blasted By Opponent

Hillary Clinton has done away with one Republican opponent and an unlikely man has emerged as her top challenger. John Spencer entered the spotlight after early favorite Jeanine Pirro dropped out of the race. Spencer says he intends to take Clinton to task for her and her husbands weakness in dealing with terrorists. Spencer says that 9/11 did not happen over night and that there were many warning signs that were ignored by the Clintons.

Asked if it is fair to go after Hillary for the things that happened when Bill was the President, Spencer indicated that he felt it was fair. He said that Hillary does not mind running around sharing the credit with Bill for the good things that happened during his administration so she can accept some of the blame for the bad.

This will be very interesting and I will enjoy watching it play out. I will be interested if they portray Hillary as the poor woman who is being beaten up by the guy or if she will take her gloves off and fight. Given the Clinton’s history, I would not be surprised if this guy ends up dead somewhere ala Vince Foster.

Read it here.

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One Response to “Hillary To Get Blasted By Opponent”

  1. Laurie says:

    Unfortunately, and as optimistic as I would like to be, the reality is that there is about a snowballs chance in hell of a Republican winning. Pirro would have been slaughtered (figuratively). Unless NYC became a state of its own, leaving upstate to elect its own representatives (and I’m using this term as everything else in NY other than the city), and that has a snowballs chance of happening too. The biggest population center, the city of NY, is overwhelmingling liberal. And the numbers simply dwarf the rest of the state even though the majority of the rest of the state is more conservative. The smaller cities in NY – Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse – lean left but it isn’t impossible for republicans to be elected. The rural areas are mostly conservative. So we are simply stuck with whatever the numbers in NYC decide. John Spencer? Upstaters never heard of him, unless they are extremely plugged in to politics, but the ordinary person is saying who the heck is he?