Hillary Spends Freely When It Is Not Her Money

Hillary Clinton is positioning herself for a run at the White House. She has amassed a great deal of money though she is virtually unopposed in her home adopted state of New York. It is obvious that she is building up a war chest for the 2008 fight. What is amazing is that she outspent all Democrats, many of whom are actually in tight races.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has spent more money in the midterm election cycle than any other politician running for office this year, campaign finance records show, investing more than twice as much as most candidates in tight races across the country.

To secure her Democratic re-election bid in New York, Mrs. Clinton spent $29.5 million through the middle of October, according to the Federal Election Commission, suggesting that she may have her sights on a future national campaign. While much of the amount is devoted to television advertising, it is the bills for catering, flowers and photography that elevated her tally far above other Senate candidates’. The New York Times

There are two dynamics in play here. Conventional wisdom indicates that she spent all that money to ensure a landslide thus following the George Bush model of winning. It would appear that Hillary agrees with at least one thing that George Bush has done.

The other thing, and the way I view it, is that she is a typical Democrat and spends money that is not hers like she is a drunken sailor on shore leave in the Philippines. Now this is not to say that all politicians are not basically the same. They spend OUR money with no regard for fiscal responsibility. Clinton likes to portray herself as some sort of moderate when in fact she is a typical Democrat. If she makes it she will push an agenda that calls for higher taxes and more spending and as long as she does not have to foot the bill it will mean absolutely nothing to her.

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