Hillary Should Practice What She Screeches

Hillary Rotten Clinton has been on the campaign trail for some time now and she is hitting it particularly hard now that Obama has passed her in the popularity polls. This makes me wonder how effective she or any of the others are at doing the jobs they were elected to do given that they are not around enough to read legislation before voting. How can they possibly take informed decisions. I imagine they miss few if any votes since John Kerry got hammered for his dismal attendance in the Senate when votes were cast. Hillary has trotted out the idea that she would use hubby Bill in her administration and the word is that her daughter will soon be on the campaign trail. Mommy dearest appears to be in a bit of trouble so it is time for America’s dysfunctional family to band together. I think Chelsea will stay at her cushy 6 figure job daddy and mommy secured for her, at least until it is her turn to run for office.

Hillary was out doing her Bush bashing again. She offers little in the way of substance but is long on name calling and blaming. I don’t mind so much that she calls Bush on what she thinks is wrong but the way she equates acts of his to tragedy and gives Bill a pass for the terrible job he did is beyond the pale. Here are two things that Hillary said in her hoarse voice (no word on whether it was her regular irritating voice or the southern irritating voice that was hoarse):

The New York senator also promised to “treat all Americans with dignity and equality no matter who you are and who you love.” The pledge was clear bow to California’s politically active and influential gay community.


Taking on Bush’s policies, Clinton contended the president has ignored scientific evidence on global warming and stem cell research while also dismissing the concerns of the middle class.


That speech, Clinton said, was “one of the most shameful episodes in American history. … The only mission he accomplished was the re-election of Republicans.” My Way News

Interesting that she will treat everyone with dignity and equality, except for the current President who she calls names and accuses of being a liar. I can’t see how she can accuse Bush of being a liar and keep a straight face. She says Bush lied but her husband was caught in a number of lies including the famous one he told on TV to millions of people. Seems that is OK in her book. This woman does not treat President Bush with any kind of respect that is due him and she does not treat him with dignity. I realize that her message about who you love and all that was directed toward the queer base homosexual community (you know that liberal thing about love the one you’re with) but everyone means everyone including the President. Ask the Secret Service guys who she called fu**ers and ask some of the others who have crossed her and see how much dignity they were treated with.

Now Hillary says Bush has ignored scientific evidence on global warming and stem cell research. That is a blatant lie. President Bush has ignored the scientific evidence that she and the rest of the moonbats go by. Bush has not ignored scientific evidence from reputable scientists who happen to disagree with the global warming crowd. The difference is that Bush does not call the GW followers names because they believe in that theory. It would be nice if they offered the same courtesy. There are as many or more scientists who refute GW as there are who espouse it. Sure we can have debate but this is not a solved issue as the left would have you believe. They just came out and said it is true so do this. That is not going to happen. As far as stem cell research, the evidence shows adult stem cells have been more effective. If they can find a way to harvest embryonic stem cells without killing the baby then OK, otherwise it is a no go. I don’t expect people who espouse delivering a baby to the very end of the birth canal and then killing it to understand this at all.

As for the Mission Accomplished speech. The major combat operations were completed, we removed what they had of a military and the mission of the ship and its crew was over. Sure we have had fights since that time . Was it the smartest thing to say? Probably not because most people, especially liberals, do not have the intelligence to grasp the bigger picture as evidenced by Queen Hillary’s remarks. Now as to the one of the most shameful episodes part, it is not even in my top 5. Since 1970 or so how about Watergate, Jimmy Carter and Iran, Bill Clinton and the Cole, Bill Clinton and the first WTC attack, and Bill Clinton and the stained dress (talk about not accomplishing a mission), Bill Clinton and lying about the stained dress, Bill Clinton being impeached, Bill Clinton and the Khobar Towers, Bill Clinton and the retreat from Somalia after the Blackhawk down incident, and Bill Clinton and [fill in any of the names of the numerous women he raped or had sex with]. You can deny these but most of those cited for Clinton involve terror that led to 9/11 and no matter how you spin it, applying the same standards Democrats apply to 9/11, they happened on his watch.

Hillary, if you ever want to debate these issues you let me know darlin’ (a little southern talk fer ya) and I will be happy to do so. Keep in mind that I do not mind slam dunking you with personal issues and items that your fellow candidates tip-toe around. I will be happy to embarrass you by hounding you about those mysterious law firm billing records that magically showed up a few days after the statute of limitations and in the same box you had carried everywhere for years. Yeah sugah (more southern fer ya) it would be fun for me, not so much for you.

Of course, I might have to move to a concealed carry state afterwards. People who cross you and hubby seem to die in rather strange circumstances.

Oh, one more thing. Could someone tell this idiot that George Bush is not running again. She should be discussing the differences among those who can actually run for office. Running against Bush means she is running from the issues.

Big Dog

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