Hillary Says to Unite Under One Flag

Large Confederate Flag

Hillary Clinton was in South Carolina campaigning for president (instead of earning her money as a Senator) and she had some thoughts about the Confederate Flag. Clinton said the Confederate Flag should come down. She said we are a nation at war and we should all be under one flag. Since Hillary Clinton is calling for us to start bringing our troops home and has stated that she will introduce legislation to restrict the President’s ability to run the war it is easy to see that the only flag she stands under is white.

Personally, I have no problem with the Confederate Flag. The Confederate Flag was the flag of the states that seceded from the Union (The Confederate States of America). The Flag represents the people of the south and what they fought for. The NAACP is boycotting South Carolina because that flag offends them. It offends because they are ignorant and believe the flag is a symbol of racism. The Civil War was not about slavery it was about state’s rights. Slavery was one of the issues but the NAACP and other race baiters make it the issue as if the North started fighting with the South over slavery.

The South was hamstrung by the North and was disillusioned by many of the rules the Government imposed. The southern states seceded (in a domino effect) and the Civil War ensued because the President did not want the nation to divide into separate countries. Lincoln was satisfied with slave states, some that were slave and some free or all free so long as the country remained whole. Some of the states in the north were slave states but I have heard no call to ban the flag of the United States.

Hillary is pandering to the black crowd that her husband so easily wooed. But the truth of the matter is no one cares what she thinks because this is not a federal issue, she was not elected to represent South Carolina, and even if she is elected president she can not do anything about the flag. The whole damned war was about state’s rights and it seems to me that after 600,000 deaths politicians would have learned to leave states alone. SC has every right to fly the flag and they should tell Clinton to shut her yap. For an educated woman she sure is stupid. The Confederate Flag is a symbol of a proud people who fought for what they believed. It would be wrong to remove that heritage for any reason but to do so because a bunch of ignorant people do not understand history or because it offends someone are the worst reasons of all. I am offended by jackasses who burn American Flags but the law allows that and that is a hate crime pure and simple. There is no free speech issue because it is a violent act designed to harass people and show disrespect for this great country. As an aside, an American was arrested last year for burning a Mexican Flag. I guess that whole free speech argument only works in favor of moonbats.

Back on target. Hillary is an idiot and her opinion about the Confederate Flag is a moot one. No one cares what this northern, elitist has to say. She only passed through Arkansas. She is from Illinois and lives in Yankee land New York so she should just keep her mouth shut. However, now that I think of it, the UN Flag flies in New York and if there is one flag that should come down it is that one. The UN Flag represents rape, pillage, corruption, slavery, and forced prostitution and only reminds people of their inept corruption and criminal activity. Down with the UN Flag Hillary and leave the South alone, beyatch.

“I think about how many South Carolinians have served in our military and who are serving today under our flag and I believe that we should have one flag that we all pay honor to…Breitbart

Like I said, their [Democrats] flag is white and that is the one flag they all serve under. Instead of putting their hands over their hearts they raise both of them in a position of surrender. No doubt, John Kerry wants us to buy those flags from the French who always seem to have them in abundance.

Hillary, the Confederate Flag is offensive to you and the rest of the idiots who do not understand the history of this country (which is why we are doomed to repeat its failures) but the real question is, if the Confederate Flag should come down, does that mean we have to take them from these places as well?

Those folks died for that flag and agree with them or not, they were willing to die for what they believed in. Unfortunately, we don’t really know what Hillary believes in except power for herself. Many others in this country would just as soon sell out and live under somebody else’s flag rather than fight for the one we have. The sad part is they are willing to fly the white one to get there.

ADDENDUM: This from Wikipedia:

On April 12, 2000, the South Carolina state senate passed a bill to remove the flag of the former Confederate States of America from on top of the statehouse dome by a majority vote of 36 to 7. Placed there in 1962, according to one local news report, “the new bill specified that a more traditional version of the battle flag would be flown in front of the Capitol next to a monument honoring fallen Confederate soldiers.” [emphasis mine] Wikipedia

No wonder Hillary wants it removed, it honors soldiers….

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7 Responses to “Hillary Says to Unite Under One Flag”

  1. TexasFred says:

    That’s been my contention for years, anyone that’s offended by the CSA Flag is really pretty ignorant as to what it stands for…

    Might be one of the reasons I got as bit of ‘hate mail’ concerning this blog roll:

    Children of the Confederacy

  2. GM says:

    Doggy, you are only partly correct. The flag that Hillary should be under is white, with a bright yellow stripe down the center. Her and any that subscribe to her candidacy.

  3. Hillary’s speaking of a white flag when she says she wants us all to stand underneath it. This is just her way of thinning out the “red, white and blue” herd… moving onto just plain ol’ white.

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  5. Big Dog says:

    I appreciate you all stopping by and leaving words of wisdom. Don’t worry, the left will never see them, they are afraid to come here….

  6. Robert says:

    Yep Hilary opened her mouth and remove all doubt about her intelligence.
    I wonder if this will get the Black vote from the Obama camp?

    The statement she made is typical of her and her husband. take the spotlight off of her wishy washy,anti American speeches and put it back on an old faithful hate symbol.

    The confederate flag has been the target of politicians for years when they are in need of votes.

  7. virginia says:

    Once again, you are right. All I have to say is Thank You. No one know better than Bigdog.