Hillary’s Next Tactic, Victim of Her Man

We have seen the tearful Hillary as she panders for votes while duping the less informed but what will be her next make over? I believe the answer lies in a recent article at AFP where It discusses Hillary’s anguish ten years after the Lewinsky affair. Hillary had differing emotions but never doubted that Bill loved her even though he was putting little Billy in someone else’s double-wide. Hillary was upset, (even though she knew well before she said she did) but it was not about Bill catting around as much as it was the prospect of them losing power.

This anguish she still experiences is designed to play out in the south where she can say she stood by her man. Women in the south have not warmed up to Hillary as much as the liberal elitists in the north and the older women who want to see a woman president before they die. The south is full of patriotic people who love God (and not just when it is convenient) and it might be tougher to convince women there that Hillary is just one of the gals.

However, she will try to garner sympathy as a wronged woman hoping that it will strike a chord among the women of the south. If that does not work she still has the covert racism that comes from her campaign and she can use that to stir up race in the south. She will also continue to release items about Obama just before elections to cast doubt upon him.

If that all fails she has Bill at each event getting red in the face and holding court among the peeps screaming and hollering while wagging that stubby little finger of his. He will accuse, he will lie, and he will do anything to cast doubt on Obama and get his wife in the White House. As poorly as he has looked lately he might not last through 50 states if he has to wag fingers and get all worked up.

It would be just like that schmuck to drop dead while campaigning for her just to get sympathy. Of course, he is just as likely to die in the company of a hooker…

Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Hillary’s Next Tactic, Victim of Her Man”

  1. nanc says:

    i’ve been scratching my head over this since i first heard about it – why tyra?

    she’s got something up that sleeve of hers and i have a feeling it has to do more with bill’s eventual obscurity than anything else…just sayin’…

  2. Virginia says:

    Maybe Hillary is trying to find Bill a new skirt with class, and black, that could help her win a election, or so they probably think. Then again, Clintons do not have anything to think with, except Bill’s wore out penis. Hillary’s live in saudi bi-sexual girlfriend, name Huma might like Bill too, but then again, this could be the first openly killing one of the Clinton’s will committ, if Bill tries to take Hillary’s girlfriend.

  3. irtexas44 says:


    I have to agree with Virginia. There are a couple of other players but I can’t talk about that. I’ll leave a letter to be opened when I’m dust.