Hillary’s Best is Always the Worst

Hillary Clinton stated today that she was not at her best [examiner.com] in the last debate, ya think? Despite what some people might think, she herself has admitted that she did not do OK. She indicated that she has answered thousands of questions and she has made clear her positions on everything and how she would pay for her programs. This, of course, is a flat out lie. Clinton has not been clear. There are a number of news articles from the past year that show she has taken one position in one location and another position in a different geographic location. He suggestion that she has been open about things is just plain BS and anyone with a thinking brain knows it.

Bill Clinton has refused to authorize the release of documents that would support Hillary’s claim that she gained her experience as First Lady. Let me repeat that for the uninformed, the uneducated, or the plain ignorant; Bill Clinton has done absolutely nothing to speed up the release of documents that have any bearing on the race. He asked that certain documents that related to what he did be released but he specifically said that the communication between him and his wife is not to be released.

These are the cold hard facts and while some Hillary sycophant could claim that it is not she who is holding up the process one would have to dispense with reality by believing that Hillary cannot get the documents released if she wants them released. She has Bill’s testicles in a lock box and in all reality he wants to get back in the White House as badly as she does. He wants the life that comes with living there and she has a strong desire to have her ego stroked. Therefore, I can only conclude that the papers that they refuse to release would damage her candidacy. There are things there that they do not want out in the public prior to the election for one reason and one reason only, they are harmful to the Hildebeast. Rest assured, if those papers made it look like Hillary walked on water without getting her ankles wet Bill would release them yesterday with her in tow to ensure they got out. Since word is they will not be released until well after the election [ABC] we can only conclude that they are hiding something. I mean, they have had eight years to get them ready for issue so the only two things holding it up are Bill and Hillary.

No folks, Hillary has not been straight forward and she has not been honest. Bill has been less than honest as well though none of this should surprise anyone. Bill claims to be working to have papers released quickly when he is actually impeding the process. Hillary says that she has been clear when she has not.

Hillary said she did not have her best night the other night. If she wins in 2008 the country will not be having a good night but that night will not go away. It will morph into a 4 or 8 year nightmare with Satan at the helm.

Big Dog

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4 Responses to “Hillary’s Best is Always the Worst”

  1. Adam says:

    We heard this before with her Wellesley College senior thesis. Nobody is really certain why it was locked away for so long but it was. It apparently wasn’t to hide anything but to just lower the level of noise. Nobody can find something in it worth hiding. I’d argue the same thing is going on here. Those documents were public for years. If there was anything that damaging they would have been conveniently lost long ago or somebody would have brought it to light before now. I think the campaign is doing everything it can to prevent potential leaks in the ship and this is another way. You’re making every mole hill into a mountain when it comes to the Clintons this year. I think you’re scared to death and that makes me smile.

    Another Clinton presidency would be a nightmare for you for sure, but there’s millions of Americans and possibly billions around the world who will be delighted just to be waking up from the long hard sleep under Bush, let alone to be sipping their morning coffee to the dawning of a new Clinton era.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the latest numbers. Bush has pretty much set the record for having people dislike him as the leader of this nation. The only problem is that a majority of people hating the president isn’t enough to get him out of office. He has to just be his lame duck self for the next 14 months or so. Oh well. Sweet dreams.

  2. irtexas44 says:


    They do not want any of the info on those papers to come out. With all of the charges adding up now about the money trails and how the money was returned and then wanted back, I still don’t know why she hasn’t been shamed in to just bowing out. But since she hasn’t the foggist idea what shame is she will go on. I don’t know how anyone could support her for asst sewer cleaner much less president.

    I know that more skeletons will come falling out once the papers are shook out. With the amount of papers there are I don’t think the Bergular can fit them all in his pants and socks. Believe me there are plenty of skeletons to fall out. These tow have no feelings or do they care what has to take place in order to get what they want. They have no qualms about rolling over anyone. I just hope someone can get the right papers and get them out before they are destroyed.

    I like the new site. Good luck with it.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I am scared of nothing, least of all a couple of two bit snake oil sellers.

    There will be fewer people than you think happy if she wins. The Chinese will be happy, the Pakistanis and the terrorists but real Americans and sane people will not.

    I can survive her time in office should she win. I do not want her to win but if she does it might work out OK. While she would be a disaster for this country she would also be a disaster for the Democratic party. Once we are spent to death and in the claws of socialism we might actually get the next revolution and liberalism will have died a long slow death.

    If she makes it in I will have at least 4 years to point it all out (if she does not have me bumped off or taxed out of Internet access) and I can watch as you and folks like you make excuses for her stupidity (much like you do now).

    I can have a lot of fun and it will make Rush even stronger and more listened to. look how great 8 years of Bubba was for Conservative talk.

    It would be really fun if she won and the country elected a veto proof majority of Republicans and then they could make her ineffectual. If they elect a veto proof majority of Democrats it will help the demise of the left along even faster.

    So see, not scared. I have options.