Hillary Rodham Will Become More Pro Life

Hillary Rodham has been pro abortion ever since she was converted from a normal Republican into a socialist Democrat. She plays both ends of the spectrum by saying that she believes in a woman’s right to choose but that abortions should be rare. The 40 million or so children aborted since Roe is a pretty good indication that rare is not the case. We abort so many kids that our society is unable to maintain population growth and will decrease over the next few decades.

Hillary can play the rare card but she believes in abortion and she sees nothing wrong with killing the unborn any time a woman wants to “choose.” This was evident when she opposed the Supreme Court ruling against partial birth abortion. There is no way anyone can deny that a baby getting ready to be born is viable but Hillary thinks it should be OK to snip open the baby’s head while it is in the birth canal and suck its brains out so mommy delivers a dead, full term kid.

Hillary will change her stance on this and become more pro life than ever. She swings with the polls and she is trying to get the female vote (her largest group of supporters) so she will change. A recent pole shows that young women oppose abortion at a much greater rate than they did in 1992.

Results in 1992 were largely in step with what study authors Christopher Blunt and Fred Steeper call the “self-interest hypothesis.” Women and men under 30 were the most ardently “pro-choice” (39 percent) and the least likely to be strongly “pro-life”( 23 percent).

Today, by contrast, among the current generation of 18- to 29-year-olds, 36 percent say they are strongly “pro-life,” while just 18 percent say they are strongly “pro-choice,” the study authors said.

The trend was particularly evident among women in that age bracket. Forty 40 percent identify themselves as strongly “pro-life” and only 20 percent as strongly “pro-choice.”

The data reverses a two-to-one ratio that was evident in 1992, the study noted. NewsMax

Today’s youths are much more informed than those of the past. We now have ultrasound technology allowing women to see the life inside of them and the brutality of partial birth abortion has been described and has been shown across the Internet. Most caring human beings can see the horror in this procedure. Additionally, when women see the baby moving inside them they make a connection. That so called blob of cells has shape and character and is something mom can see as real and can bond with.

That is why there is a reversal in opinion about abortion.

It is also why Hillary Rodham will take a tougher, more pro choice, stance.

Of course, I could be wrong and the reason the trend reversed is because Liberals aborted all their kids over the years and Conservative kids with values are mostly what is left…

Big Dog

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6 Responses to “Hillary Rodham Will Become More Pro Life”

  1. Todd Anthony says:

    Isn’t her view on abortion comparable with her and others’ views on Iraq and to a lesser extent, the War on Terror? It seems she, like others, will say what the left-wing fringe groups want to hear, rather than what an overwhelming majority of the populace feels about abortion, and also, terrorism/Iraq War.



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  3. Cao says:

    She was a normal republican? Even in College she was working for and with the Black Panthers. Must have been a former lifetime.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Raised by her Dad who was a hard core conservative. He told her that she would turn into a liberal Democrat if she went off to college, and she did.

    I am reading Her Way. Quite interesting. Hillary talks about NSA eavesdropping and legality but Bill’s campaign monitored cell phone frequencies and she listened to the taped conversations of his opponent when formulating plans.

  5. Cao says:

    Yeah, well, we all know they don’t think the rules should apply to them. Interesting, I never knew or even imagined that the Rodhams were conservatives and they were in my home town.

  6. Tom says:

    And you were expecting anything else from a politician? They change their positions more often than they change their underware…