Hillary Plays the Bill Card Early

There was a time when folks were wondering when Hillary was going to involve her husband in the race. She was trying, I suppose, to be her own independent self and he was (or appeared to be) happy with a position in the background. Bill sat in the back while Hillary made her speeches and he spoke when she was unable to be in two places at once or when the audience called for his special gift of gab. The pundits often asked if Bill would be a help or a hindrance and there was worry within her campaign that his reputation and sullied past might cast an unfavorable light on her own egotistical ambitions. So it was strange to me that she trotted the old man out.

She did this by indicating that when she is President she will appoint Bill as a roving ambassador to make peace throughout the world (and no doubt sell our secrets to our enemies along the way). She indicated that he was good with foreign relations (and apparently domestic ones as evidenced by his sexcapades) and that he would be an asset. Why the big switch? When I read this I wondered why it is that she would be trotting him out now, using his name and the fact that he is well liked in many circles, to her advantage. Why now? I figured that since considered herself the obvious choice for the Democratic nomination that she would save the Bill card to perhaps woo swing voters in the general election. She might just be able to pull off a coup with another ‘two for the price of one” remark and give false hope to those who would like to see Bill as President once again.

Then came the news today that Barack Obama had pulled even with the queen in the latest Rasmussen poll and it became obvious to me why she is playing the Bill card early and in the Democratic Primary. She has been losing ground to Obama for quite some time and even being married to the “first black president” is not taking away the 16% advantage Obama has among blacks. Hillary played the Bill card because she is losing ground and is now dead even with the opponent she once led by 16 points. Her people had to know about this based on their internal polling and that would explain the timing of the bill remark.

This is a Hail Mary play for Hillary. She is using an act of desperation early in the campaign in order to stave off a surge by Obama. She has played this card way too early in that polls change all the time and this could be an up and down ride the entire way. By playing this card early she has shown that she is not as strong and not as confident as people were led to believe. This started when she moved 10 million dollars into her coffers in order to look like the big campaign fund raiser. This all happened when her people saw that Obama would raise nearly as much money as Madame Hill.

Hillary has been forced to play cards early, once with moving funds and once with invoking Bill. This can not bode well for the person who thinks she has experience that her rival lacks and that she is the one to lead this country. It would appear that she is being outplayed by the one without the experience.

Hillary will explode very soon and that will be fun to watch!

Big Dog

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