Hillary Not Doing What Is Right For The Country

Today, Senator Hillary Clinton announced that she will vote against the confirmation of John Roberts. This might be the first salvo in support of my post indicating she will turn back to the left. She wrote a very long piece detailing why she is voting against him and none of those items hold water. They are merely rhetoric to appease the idiots who will follow her blindly through the gates of hell. In fact, Hillary has made it clear that what she is doing is not good for the country. She has made it clear that she is bowing to the whims of Moveon.org.

Those who think Hillary Clinton is a principled person who votes her conscience and not based upon politics are fooling themselves. Clinton is a big time partisan hack who would perform oral sex on a porcupine if it would get her votes. I know there are people who refuse to see the obvious and will tell me that she has always opposed Roberts and that she is doing the right thing for our country. I say you are wrong and I will use Hillary Clinton’s own words to prove it.

Here is what she said when Roberts was nominated the first time:

Senator Hillary Clinton has confided to associates that she intends to vote FOR Bush Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

Unless some unforeseen development occurs around Roberts, Clinton will throw her support behind confirmation, says a top source.

“Look, we’re not thrilled President Bush is in office and gets to make these choices,” said a top Hillary source, “but we have to make the best of the situation until the next election!”

With her support of Roberts, Clinton ignores pressure from the reactionary-activist wing of the Democrat party.

“She is simply doing what is right for the country, not MOVEON.ORG,” the Clinton insider explained. Drudge

There have been no unforeseen developments except that Roberts was elevated to Chief Justice. Hillary did not come out at that time and express her distaste. No, she waited until all the polls were in from the Moveon folks and the rest of the radical leftist groups and, seeing how poorly she did in the Kos poll, decided, as I predicted, to tact left. But in doing so she also told us that she does what is right for Moveon, not what is right for the country. You see when you use the inverse of the original statement you can only conclude Hillary Clinton is influenced by special interests and not the American people.

This makes 2 for 2 for the Dog. I predicted very early that Schumer and Clinton would not vote for Roberts though I admitted when this article originally came out that I could be mistaken. I also pointed out that if she voted for Roberts it was to fool moderates into thinking she was one of them. I feel she would have continued on that path had the news from the left about her standings among the moonbats been better. Instead, she changed direction for political expediency. No one should be surprised. This is typical Clinton MO. What the polls say, do. Change and lie, people will not know the difference.

Well Senator, the Big Dog keeps track of these things and I am happy to point out that you are a lying hypocrite who will do anything to get elected and appease special interest groups.

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